Get Traffic to Your Website: Content Is The King

Marketing and promoting your website is important, but in my experience: Content is the king. I started checking what I’ve previously written about getting traffic and I found plenty of posts that dealt with this issue:

How to Bring Players to Your Site? – Gives some information regarding getting traffic, and points out that you need to be sure to make your website ready to make people stay and visit again.

How To Get More Traffic to Your Site? points out that Content is the King: you have to have proper content or people won’t visit your site. At least they won’t visit more than once. I also listed some tactics and strategies on getting traffic.

Two Types of Promotion: Credibility & Exposure explains two different types of promotion and how they affect.

How to Get People to Bookmark Your Site. If you’ve read this far, you should be able to figure out the answer without reading the blog entry.

Great Place to Submit News – one great place to send game development related news. Use it, and see how it affects.

Use links in your forum signatures – very important way to get traffic. I receive quite a lot traffic via the signature links I use in different forums. If you haven’t added clickable signature link to your forum profiles, start adding them now.

The One Million Dollar Headline – I bet you want to know what this is all about…

How to Get 187 465 Unique Visitors to Your Website in One Week? – This guy did something extraordinaly, got featured on TV etc… and got plenty of traffic!

P.S. How Small Things Have Big Impact is to remind you that it’s usually easier to take lots of small steps rather than trying to take one giant step.

Juuso Hietalahti