Artists, We Need Composers and Art Monkeys Here

If you are an artist or composer who does sounds, music or graphics, please reply to get some free promotion for your company.

I’m looking for the following people:

  • Composers: Music or Sounds
  • 3D artists: 3D modeling, Texturing, Animations and so on
  • 2D artists: Pixel art, animations etc.
  • Anything related to graphics, visuals or sounds
  • Art resources (links to forums, art packs etc.)

If you are an artist (sfx or gfx) please feel free to comment to this blog entry and mention your details. I will gather a big list, and mention all you guys in this blog later.

I would also like to help with this question (from musicians):

We are doing market research into dance/electronic music and are wishing
some information on the process of getting music into particular games.

Would you be able to offer any information on in music syncronisation? how would a band go about getting their music into a game?
Do organisations outsource or is it done internally?
Is there a particular type of game for each genre of music?

Would you know anyone that could help?
Do you have any contacts to organisations who syncronise music into games?

Is it the main corporations like EA, Microsoft that make these descsions? I
have contacted them, but I have had no answer.

I have no personal experience on how would a band go about getting their music into a game, but I would presume it would mean showing demos and getting contacts within the industry. I’m doing indie game production, so I have no direct contacts in the big companies.

RESOURCES: Some composers & artists to check out:
These guys have contacted me in the past, so check out their sites. If you have a similar site, reply to this blog entry at GameProducer.net and I’ll update the list.

jean-marc lederman

When we’ve got a good list of art and sound resources, I’ll simply make another post regarding this.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’m Jonathan, a London music producer. I’ve been in the business for over 10 years, not only as a music producer in London, but also as a songwriter, mix engineer, composer and musician. Having worked with some big names in the music industry, I have a wealth of experience, skill and talent. I work predominantly online, offering everything a traditional studio can, but at a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re looking to have your song produced, an original song written for you, your songs mixed & mastered, or any other service such as vocal editing, I can help.

  2. Hey,
    Im Joel from Agent De4th. I have had an industrial/electronica solo project for some time now published from my studio (Dv8studio). Ive worked on many shortfilms, a few flash sites as well as plenty of digital photography. Im looking majorly to find some work in sound production for game soundtracks.

  3. Greetings,

    I am an experienced sound designer, mixer and editor.

    I specialize in audio solutions for a wide range of media, including commercials, animation,
    video games, mobile products,presentations, music production.

    Services offered:

    • Full-service audio post production facility
    • Creative sound design and custom sound effects
    • Foley design, recording and mixing
    • Music editing and library music
    • Composing music of different styles

    Last credits: several games on http://www.flysoft.ru

    To listen to examples of my work, please visit my site:


    e-mail me at: maxmail1980@mail.ru

    ICQ 285506032
    GSM: 79023584441
    Skype: maxbuster

    Thanks for reading it!

    Maxim Guryanov

  4. Hi,
    We’re a small art and animation studio that specialize in making art for PC and console games.We have worked with a variety of clients in the casual games market and some of the games that we are working on are getting published by Big Fish Games and the like.
    We’re pretty affordable for smaller indy devs and can offer a full end-to-end service for your art needs.
    Im posting a few links to our work , get in touch at Arjun(AT)quietmen(DOT)net





    Here is a link to our online reel (RT CLICK SAVE TARGET AS ON THE LINK BELOW)….15 MB QT mov


  5. Soundgram Post is a Music and Sound postproduction company specialising in Film and Games.
    We create all audio for games (Voice recordings, sound design, Foley in game and cut scene audio and Orchestral music.
    Demo’s online and special Game DVD demo avail. @ request.

    contact us with interesting game projects.

    kind regards,

    Johan van der Voet (MD)

  6. hi,

    my name is jean-marc lederman and I do music (and sometimes sfx) for videogames. I’ve done a few that are successful: Atlantis Sky Patrol, Titanic Hidden Expedition, Mystic Inn, Fairies, etc…
    my aim is to free lance soundtracks and music but work with the development company from the early stage so we can build something solid and intricate from the start and make the gaming experience something totally immersive.

    just call me in, i’ll be there :)

  7. Hey,

    SILVERsounds is a team of composers dedicated to bringing you soundtracks for films, T.V and games at the lowest competitive prices. We cater towards large developers at a commercial standard but also deliver the same quality to indie developers, with dramatically cut prices that you – the independant developers – can surely afford. We have also started our Royalty Free Music Archive and we plan to release an innovative new sound effects library over the next year or two.

    Rob Westwood.

  8. hello,

    my name is herwig holzmann, most of the time producing electronica under the pseudonym photophob. i’ve releases 2 CDs and several net-releases, and have done some soundtrack’ish audio for animations and stuff.

    more info on my website: http://www.photophob.net

    and well, just like michael watts said:
    “always keen and eager to find interesting new projects.”


  9. My name is Michael Watts, I am a composer and I run Encore Music – a music production
    company writing original
    compositions for film, tv, animation and pc games.

    My music and info can all be found at http://www.encoremusic.co.uk.

    Recent credits include indie game Gibbage. number of short films, an animated series ‘Sprawl
    Metropolis’ (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/293892 ). corporate videos and
    cable tv work.

    Always keen and eager to find interesting new projects.

    Encore Music

  10. “If you are an artist or composer who does sounds, music or graphics, please reply to get some free promotion for your company.”

    A bit vague. Care to elaborate on your intentions/motivations/expectations?

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