September Contest: Guess Spam Count – Win a Copy of Armadillo Run Game!

Guess SPAM – 5 people will win free copy of Armadillo Run game

Good deeds sure bring you good rewards! I received a gift from makers of Armadillo Run. Total of 5 free copies of their game – and as I’m too busy with my business, I have no time to play… so I thought you might enjoy it

The idea of the contest is simple:

Guess what will be the TOTAL number (including ALL, not just NEW) of SPAM caught by Spam Karma at The SPAM count will be checked in the end of September..

Point being: the idea is to guess the TOTAL amount of Spam – not just the SPAM I would receive in September. so that means the spam count cannot be 400 or 6000 … as it’s already past that. I would also recommend to check out these figures:

  • The current number is 9181 and within the last hour, there’s been 7 spam messages.
  • EDIT: The current number is now 9215 (in 10 hours and 45 minutes there’s been 42 spam messages). This is the last number I’ll be giving, so the faster you guess, the better chances you have to win the game

To make the guessing fair, I let all of you who made comments 1-15 to change your guess if you want. (But then of course your first guess is deleted)

The rules are also simple:

Rule #1: Guess one number, and comment to the blog entry.
Only one comment per person, and don’t try to cheat by using multiple email addresses, spambots or anything – I’ll do an extensive IP search check-up on email domains in the end, and anybody who tries to cheat leaves empty handed. In the end of the month (September 30, 2006 – 23:59 GMT) I’ll check the all time total spam count and five (5) lucky ones who guessed most close get the free copy of Armadillo Run game.

Rule #2: If there’s a tie – the one who GUESSED FIRST wins
That simple. The faster you guess, the better chances you have.

Rule #3: Include your email address in your reply
Be sure to include your email address in your reply, otherwise your comment does not count. Your email won’t be used in any other purpose than to tell you if you have won. The point of the SPAM contest is not to get you SPAM – but to get you a game. :)

Now – let the contest begin!

84 thoughts on “September Contest: Guess Spam Count – Win a Copy of Armadillo Run Game!

  1. October guesses: sorry guys, you are bit too late – contest ended on September, so… better luck next time! :)

  2. 17993

    I don’t know if a last minute guess counts, but hey. :)

  3. 13625.

  4. 10888

  5. My guess is 10,215. Am I too late?

  6. 11000

    I like the contest (:

  7. 11347

  8. 10280 vote from Tuna!

  9. Kacper Swierzowicz

    My guess: 1324 spam mails.

  10. 10701

  11. 20000 spams!!! :)

  12. 10183

  13. I will say: 28940

  14. September 19th, 2006 at 1:37 pm

    My guess: 11984

  15. 15000. Wish me luck!

  16. 16,429

  17. My guess is 10300.

  18. I think 10002 spams
    but it is only a speculation:)

  19. i think about 800.