Road To The IGF: Dan Marshall (Gibbage)

Dan Marshall, maker of Gibbage said some things about game development at GamaSutra.

I think these two answers pretty much tells what’s indie game development all about:

How long did development take?
About a year and a half in all, but it took me four months to pick up the basics of what a ‘float’ was and all that other messy C++ rot was prior to that. I was writing Gibbage while I learned how to code, which quite probably goes a long way to explain one or two of its little ‘quirks’.

What was the development process like?
Completely hellish mainly, with brief, fleeting moments of unexpected elation when I worked out how to do something complicated.

That describes quite well what the indie game development is all about. It might the much longer than you anticipated and there’s certainly different obstacles and challenges ahead.

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Juuso Hietalahti