Very Brief Update On the SPAM Contest: You Need to Guess the TOTAL Amount of SPAM Messages

The September Guess-The-SPAM-And-Win-A-Game contest is doing well here. For those of you who missed the contest I briefly tell what’s it all about: you need to guess what will be TOTAL Spam count by the end of September.

That’s also the point I wanted to mention: the idea is to guess the TOTAL amount of Spam. I already told that there’s roughly 9000 spam messages (exact details on the blog entry) caught… so that means the spam count cannot be 400 or 6000 … as it’s already past that.

Sorry if I didn’t explain the system clearly enough – but now I did. I’m letting those people who guessed less than 9000 to guess again. But only them – and only once to replace the old guess.

Juuso Hietalahti