Cat Food Is Not Sold For Cat Food Manufacturers

It’s easy for developers to get blind for all the options that are available to bring traffic to your site and to your game. I think it’s easy to stick in game development forums and really get sort of “too deep” in the “development thinking” and forget “player thinking”.

Developers of Shorthike space simulation game once said that they receive decent amount of traffic from forums. But those aren’t just game development forums where you might get traffic. It’s much better to hang around with those guys who play and buy the games. If you stick only with developers, then you might get too focused on getting those people to buy your game – but that’s not the best strategy. Whatever product you are selling, your primary target should not be the developers or manufacturers of that product. If you sell for example cat food – the best place to start selling cat food is not likely to other cat food manufacturers. Those guys are not interested in buying your cat food – they have their own cat food to sell! (Of course you can get hints *where* to sell your product in these forums, but you really should focus on other sites as well)

A better place to sell cat food are cat forums – where cat people meet and discuss about their cats.

One hint for anyone going into any new forum: Don’t just sign up, tell about your product and leave. That’s SPAMMING, and nobody likes SPAM (unless it can get you a free game). Instead, register to the forums and participate in discussion. Include signature link to your profile and comment to relevant threads. Feel free to ask for assistance, but be really careful about spamming the forums. Read the FAQs and forum rules first. Basically if you announce your product and leave, your post gets deleted and in worst case you and your IP might get banned.

A quick google search gave lots of results for “video game forums” keywords:

There’s also a big list of video gaming forums at Big-Boards.com, check it out and spot some forums to visit.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Ali: perhaps then you are ready to digg them as well ;)

    @Patrick: I’m not sure if that’s a good idea… I mean: it basically shows. I suppose you can buy targeted ads using adbrite, adwords (or via other programs). There are some guys that rent their forum signatures, I suppose something like that could work… but to hire someone just to talk about your game in forums – doesn’t sound so reliable.

    Haven’t done that so hard to say how that would work – but I would really check out carefully who I’m hiring – and perhaps tell boldly that these guys are hired by you. I really cannot tell.

  2. Can’t agree more with you. If one day I am brave enough to start a blog to give me traffic, it would talk about many things but not game dev.


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