How to Deal With Angry People

One word answer: patience.

I’ve noticed that the best way to deal with people who are angry at you – furious about your writings, mad at you because they didn’t receive a registration key or whatever – is to listen carefully what the other have to say, and then deal with the issue. Thank them for their time and think how you can deal the issue. Think if their commens contain anything useful or have a valuable lesson to learn.

Why thank them?
There’s at least two big reasons why you should thank angry people:

  • First of all: they just gave you an opportunity to teach calmness for yourself. That’s definitely something worth thanking.
  • Secondly: Many people might not say anything and never deal with you again. Complainers give you an opportunity to improve.

Why listen to them at all?
I’ve said it many times before that bad feedback is good. Complaints give you a chance to learn something valuable. Of course you are free to reject any comment you receive, but at least you’ve got a chance to improve your offering.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. You are right, we can achieve quite a lot more if we listen to people more carefully even when they are angry and criticizing us. Rather than lose the cool ourselves, it is much better to deal with the situation in a calm, composed manner by listening to them carefully and taking appropriate action. This way it will be useful for both the parties concerned – them and us.

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