What Kind of Games Women Really Play?

There was interesting comments at BBC news regarding womens. A stereotype could be that women like fluffy animals and pink (which might be true) but many of the comments were saying exactly the opposite. Here’s something what was said (by women):

“No need for sparkly pink consoles and games full of fluffy animals”

Heh – think about that when you design your next game.

“…’survival horror’ genres being my favourites.”

Survival horror… okay.

“I play in =PINK=, an all girl clan on the game Battlefield 2.”

I guess this means there is some room for PINK, but only in clan names…

“Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than bashing zombies around the head with frying pans, racing fast cars and stomping around as giant robots.”

Bashing zombiews around the head with fryings pans!?

“most of the games I’ve seen that have been targeted at female gamers are…awful. I personally don’t need pink and fluffy to make me play a game”

Another vote for no pink and fluffy.

Of course there were lots of different comments (from saying “games are too violent” to “why should women play at all?”) but basically I think these findings were quite interesting! Anyone designing game for women should have a peek at the article comments (scroll down) – it just might give you some new ideas on how to design your casual game.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Why would there be a differance between mans and womans when playing video games… I dont get it, I can shoot a zombie in the head as much as a guy can do it, I can drive a racing car as fast as a guy can do it, and I don’t need some pink and fluffy crap around… This kind of article shouldnt even exist!

  2. I don’t think there must be some separation through women and men who play games.It depends on their personal choice what will they play.

  3. My wife only likes kind games like the ones on KindGames.com because she is silly and cannot play anything harder than that. Also she is a fan of CompliCat.com games which feature a lot of cats and other fluffy things so your exactly the opposite of the stereotype could be that SOME women like fluffy animals and pink and some DON’T while some LIKE CATS. (puah)

  4. What about Caesar 3, Pharaoh, Zeus and Empire ? Also, Heroes 2,3,4 and Civilisation 2,3,4? Knights and Merchants and Diablo 2?

    My wife an addict to those.

    Me too, but she is a bigger addict.

  5. Girls don’t need pink barbie games, or even female avatars… Just look at the all time classic female favorite Final Fantasy 7 if you want to understand what women want in a game.

  6. I think A Female Programmer’s comment hits it on the head. Look at casual games, sure, lots of these games go for cute, colorful art styles, (like the one I’m producing) but the real draw is they can deliver good play in short packets. On the other hand, social drama and engrossing storytelling are big draws for women. The reasons don’t have to do with the female brain so much as the human brain, most people, regardless of gender, can dig on these two qualities. If you put them together in a polished package, like what Procedural Arts is trying to do with their Facade follow-up The Party, (playable in 40 minutes) then you’ve got gold.

  7. Planescape: Torment was amazing, one of the best games ever for weird atmosphere. I played it with my girlfriend.

  8. If you build a great game, it’s going to attract both men and women. Just make sure that there aren’t any obvious mistakes, such as not being able to choose a female character. Getting more women to designing/programming would probably help too.

    Personally, I don’t have much time for gaming, but I like puzzles and adventures with a good plot a lot (more games like Planescape: Torment, please!). A close friend of mine kicks the asses of 99% of the guys in Counter-Strike. The point is, you can’t categorise all women in same group, just as you can’t do with men.

    (Just for the record: Hate pink. Love fluffy animals.)

  9. Let’s face it guys, we are never ever going to understand what women want and when they want it – unless they ask for it specifically.

    “Never forget this. Stop thinking of women as screwed-up men and start realising that their minds were built from an entirely different blueprint. ” – Or get a women to design your games….

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