Don’t Wait For the Mouse

In the series of “dumb programming I’ve done”. Yesterday I tested Edoiki multiplayer mode and there were strange problems: the units “teleported” from one place to another and it was really laggy experience. I thought it must be some packet loss thing, but change my mind when the same problem occured locally!

I pondered for a while… and realised that I had forgotten a command that “freezes the program until you click mouse” from previous debugging. No wonder packets move nowhere if the game server was frozen waiting host to click the mouse…


Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I suppose I explained it poorly… basically there’s a command “WaitMouse” in blitz which freezes the program… until user clicks mouse.

    Normally host and client check in every frame if there are new packets – but now the program was “frozen” – waiting host to click mouse – and it was NOT doing ANYTHING else.

    So – I was waiting things to happen, and hadn’t click mouse button.

  2. Not sure that I follow what you’re saying in that last paragraph…. are you saying you should have frozen the mouse or you didn’t freeze the mouse? Either way, what was happening? Was the game in a state where it thinks you are dragging a piece when really you aren’t? Or in a state where it’s always one (several?) mouse events behind?

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