Insiders Population: 11

4 new Game Producer Insiders have joined within the past weeks making the total amount 10 excluding me. When you count me in, there’s total of 11 Insider members. New Insiders are:

  • Vex – game development company focused on development of entertainment products.
  • Oaf -mobile phone games developer and publisher. Maker of Blobbit Dash
  • Aymes – game developer, maker of free ClickBeat game
  • Arex – programmer working on his self-made graphics engine and doing software programming for Nvidia.

You can see each Insider’s websites in the side menu of GameProducer.net.

It’s great to see more developers joining the discussions and sharing their thoughts. Getting new contacts and discussing game development with as little noise as possible are some of the key ideas behind Insider membership.

Note: I have made a new payment option available. The original one-time US $50 fee is still there, but for those of you who’d like to make the payment in smaller portions I have set up an option to pay the membership in 12 months for $5 per month (total membership fee is $60 for this type of payments).

For those of you who got curious, check out here for more details.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I need to correct you Juuso, I’m not doing engine for NVidia. Just put that I do software at there. ;)

  2. I’m considering joining once I launched my first casual game and make a decent revenue off of it.

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