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Tim Fisher informed me about their new service: Pjio. Bit difficult word – but basically pjio.com is a place where people can upload, tag, share and play games. Service is in beta phase now.

pjio, pronounced “jahy-oh”, is a video game website where the community controls the content by uploading, sharing, reviewing and playing the games. Video game developers are encouraged to upload and share their latest creations and have pjio members give them creative and constructive feedback, and perhaps even purchase a copy or two. Where else can a developer try out new ideas, showcase their latest creation and get feedback within minutes of release. Virtually any game uploaded to pjio.com be delivered as a web browser embedded game, that game can then be embedded in any web page.

pjio is for everyone, people can :

1. Play the latest video games for free
2. Find people with similar gaming interests
3. Compete in challenges and score leagues
4. Upload and share games worldwide for free
5. Embed games on their own websites
6. Create sub-communities or Gaming Groups of people who play the same games
7. Earn loyalty for playing games, rating games and providing constructive feedback.

Right now pjio is in beta phase testing and is looking for content.

  • Do you want your game hosted?
  • Do you want a web version of your game? One that you can embed in your own site or friends myspace accounts.
  • Do you want your game promoted within a community of gamers?
  • Do you want gamers directed to your own website?
  • Is a community rating, ranking and commenting on your game useful to you?
  • Is reporting such as downloads, plays and click through important?
  • Do you want all of the above for free?

Pjio.com is sort of “YouTube of Games” – so check it out & start uploading your games.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hi guys –

    For a different take on this, check out Kongregate – we’re focusing on web games (Flash now, Shockwave soon, Java a little later).

    We give a share of the revenue we make to the game developer – up to 50% depending on whether they implement our APIs and whether the game is exclusive to us.

    Game developers will be able to use our 1-click payment system to charge for premium content in their games. For instance you could have a racing game where the first 3 tracks are free, and then additional tracks are $0.50 each or $5 for all of them. The price is up to the developer – here the revenue share will be much higher than 50% – it’s your game after all.

    One cool thing we’re doing that isn’t implemented yet is a metagame. By playing the individual Flash games you can earn “Cards” – sort of like Achievements on Xbox Live. Those cards are playable in an online collectible card game, sort of like Magic the Gathering.

    A lot of this isn’t implemented yet, but you can check out the basics now. If you’re interested go to http://kongregate.com and request an invitation. We’re really trying to get feedback from developers to make sure we’re implementing the right set of features and making a site that will be the best place to upload web games.

  2. The plugin has been installed by millions of users and is used on Miniclip.com who have over 27Million visitors per month.

  3. It does beg the question.. How do you get people to know about your web site and how do you get them to install you plugin ‘en mass’ if you do not present them with such a site?

  4. We’ve had these options before (see Millions of Games, or MOG). It misses the boat, and *requires* another plug-in, something the majority of users aren’t going to rapidly swallow (from a website they’ve never heard of from a company they have no experience with to play a game they’ve got no ideas about?).

  5. Hi Patrick,

    There are still the community features to go live and that will happen within a couple of days -after that point we’ll look at opening up to Flash and Java. Be aware though that if any game wants to take advantage of the community API then it will need to be wrapped with igLoader. The community API is not launched yet, it will enable secure highscoring and micropayment features.

    A Mac plugin will run a Mac version if present.

  6. So games with a Mac version will automatically run with the Mac plug-in?

    When do you expect the Mac and Java/Flash support to be available? I have a game that I’d like to host with you in the near future, looking foward to the site developing.

    It also has tremendous utility in promotion, particularly with MySpace.

  7. May I also suggest you utlise the site for getting feedback on proof of concepts. When the community features go live you’ll be able to publish to communities whilst keeping the game private.

  8. Cool! Thanks for the answers!

    I think this could be useful to get feedback on a webgame, and use it to improve the game or to decide whether to make a deluxe version.

  9. I’ve replied by email also.

    1) Yes a Mac plugin is in development but it will only work with Mac games since it’s not an emulation layer.

    2) Yes it will be possible to upload a java game and it will be possible to upload flash games – Soon.

    3) When you upload a game you are asked for a download url, a purchase url and the url of your game page – If you choose to post these details then a pjio visitor can link directly to your site – No cost to you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  10. I have a couple of concerns with this service (which I also emailed to the people of the site):
    – I have a mac, so I can’t use the plugin. Big disappointment.
    – I’m working on a webgame coded in java (applet), is it possible to upload this game somehow with this service?
    – Does it make business sense to use this service for a webgame, when there’s no downloadable version for sale? I would lose traffic and ad revenue. What would I gain?

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