Sales Statistics: Tropic Ball – Great Indie Game Sales Experiment


Title: TropicBall :: Download :: Buy

Developer: TenGames
Release date: July 2006
Team size: 1 developer and 1 musician
Time of development: about 6 month part time
Platform: Windows

Downloads: 1000 monthly
Direct Sales: 4-5 units monthly
Affiliate sales: not regular
Price: USD 19.95


  • JUN: USD 10.5
  • JUL: USD 41.6
  • AUG: USD 102
  • SEP: USD 229 (2 weeks sales through Russian publisher nevosoft.ru, direct sales through TenGames.net were zero)


  • Music USD 130
  • Hosting USD 70


GameProducer.net comments
It’s great to see people sharing numbers – and it’s especially nice to get these from Ten Games who said “Tropic Ball was an experiment to test indie game sales”. Abramov was bit hesitant to start another indie game, but I think this is a fine start, and you definitely should continue making games. Either improve this game or make something totally new. You’ve proved yourself that your game can sell – that’s excellent. And perhaps you could use similar approach as GL Golf is using: lower the price for the main product, but offer a full priced combo pack and an expansion pack. Whatever you decide to do, good luck!

And anybody out there with some extra cash and need for a nice game: go to TenGames and purchase Trobic Ball. Purchasing the game supports indie scene where every penny counts.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Are these guys a Russian developer?

    I think the game has potential, it’s not polished. And not sure why the load time of the game was so long.

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