19.90 USD versus 19.90 EUR


You recommend for most cases to take the “standard price” of $19,90 and I think that’s a good recommendation. But what experiences did you have with the EUR pricing? Would you put it on your website for $19,90 and 19,90 EUR, because of course it’s not equal (it would be about 15 EUR). How would customers react to “same number, different currency”?

I think displaying only $19.90 is ok, anybody can check the final price by clicking the “checkout/buy” button. Maybe there could be room for “switch currency” button, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If you have only one product to sell, then it’s easy for customers to check the final price.

I don’t think displaying USD 19.90 and EUR 19.90 is a good idea as many people know the currency differences. Euros are stronger than US dollars. If you don’t show “including VAT” or something like that, then it feels like I need to pay more! Poor example on the use of different currencies is Play.com where they convert currencies using .99 method: they don’t show exact prices – they show prices that end in .99/.49/something, no matter what the currency difference is. Play.com is a good shop, but I always first check the currencies in EUR (to see an estimate how much my order would cost) and then switch back to GBP just before checkout: it’s cheaper for me to order using GBP rathern than EUR there!

Whatever you decide to do make sure people who see different currencies really pay the same amount.

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hey, thanks for answering that question ;)
    Sorry for me replying so late, but I had so few time for game producing during the last weeks – I should really visit your site every day, so I’d have an every day “reminder” to work on my game :D

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