Lips Syncing

I saw a fun thread at indiegamer.com about lips syncing. Guys at Ovogame said that they’ve done a lips syncing application. Basically this means that a talking head’s lips move in sync with sound.

I tested the application right away and even recorded my own “test.wav” to see if the app can really handle custom made stuff. I was quite impressed when I heard the lips moving in sync when I was speaking Finnish!

The app is not finished yet and not for sale yet, but their initial pricing structure is like this:

  • Professional: 1000$
  • Indie Dev: 150$ (GP note: now… who said indies aren’t professional ;)
  • Indie Dev: 35$ + link to www.ovogame.com on your site + game credits + 1 free copy

The $35 price tag (with links/credits and stuff) doesn’t sound like a bad price for this, and if you really need this sort of stuff then $150 doesn’t sound bad either for indies – especially when if it works with 3D stuff as well. According to them: “At the moment I can only demo it in 2D (sprites) but soon it will also work perfectly in 3D.”

Anyway, check out the site if you need lip syncing. I presume this stuff could be used not just in games, but also in applications.

Thumbs up for ovogames.

Juuso Hietalahti


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