Blogs Roundup #5 – “Interesting posts…”

Have you noticed how often people use word “interesting” when they point to some sites from their blog? I know I do it often, and have noticed many other sites to do the same. What is the reason for this? Perhaps we simply need more interesting words to use…

Oh well – here’s the fifth other (interesting – naturally) blogs roundup.

  • GameDevMike – His title pretty much says it all: “News, opinions, articles, tips & tricks on game development with an Indie twist.”
  • Mansion – very new blog from a Finnish guy (with a cool hat).
  • Big Toe Software Blog – Game development studio’s blog. Updated regularly.
  • 71/78 – Gamer’s blog.

That’s it folks, check ‘em out.

5 thoughts on “Blogs Roundup #5 – “Interesting posts…”

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