Catching Two Rabbits

In the past I quoted a zen story where it basically says that “if you do too many things at once… nothing gets done”. I’ve been working on Edoiki and also with Morphlings.

I have quite good framework (for network / multiplayer gaming) done and I’ve read more articles about networking and programming multiplayer games than ever before. I’ve planned the engine to work so that the same network code can be used in both games. Previously I had a poor structure on how to handle network traffic – I simply added new stuff without thinking the impacts too much. Now I’ve made the code much more nicer and I’m pleased with the results. I can use much of the code for both games and I’m actually starting to make some level testing to see how things work out.

In English this means: When I’m progressing in coding the other game – or updating the network code – that means the other game gets improved as well. I can also reduce testing time (for network code, not gameplay or level testing) as the both games use the same underlying technology.

Maybe I can catch two rabbits…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Juuso: In your case [the one you describet here] you aren’t chasing two rabbits running two different directions ;) It’s more like you have a lot of carrot and both rabbits are going to meet you in a middle ;)

  2. @Juuso: Yep, I’ve been following that thread on Indie Gamer, and dutifully takings notes as to all these spiffy resources, but being able to read someone else’s “pre-digested” view of all this information is always helpful.


  3. I’ve began chasing another rabbit before I’ve caught the current one (only because I have no choice), but the current one is just about in the net (one week away), I say this after months of development so it’s not one of those mythical weeks that some noobs talk about ;-)

  4. Since you believe you have a “quite good framework” for network/multiplayer-gaming, and given the problems you (and others) have had looking up good multiplayer-networking resources online, are there any chances you could write something up for us? Maybe an article for GameDev.net or Gamasutra.com, maybe a special feature here, or anything like that? Something detailing the resources you used when designing/developing your Framework, what you did wrong, what you learned, tips/tricks for others, etc.?

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