One of Those Annoyances You Don’t Want to See…

Game production is filled of “little annoying things that take lots of time to fix”. I’ve just experienced one of them. I’m making a prototype level to experiment how “triggers” or “special points” (such as “player spawn” or “special item”) can be placed to the game using 3D World Studio. I have “bases” in the level and I’ve painted some textures on terrain to also learn the level building tool.

Look how neat everything looks in 3D World Studio…

(You can click the images to view full sizes)

… and see how it looks in game (Blitz3D).

Uh… this is bad. I hope that I’m doing something terribly wrong or that somebody at Leadwerks support forums knows how to deal with this.

These type of small problems are quite typical in game production, and usually there’s a solution for every problem. Some take more time to solve, but in the end there’s usually some clever way to handle things. At least I have high hopes for it…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I played with 3DWS and it seems like the 3 layers won’t work properly. Depending on the texture files they either work or not. It might have something to do with the texture file colors!? :/

  2. Made couple of changes – I lifted the “mountain”… it’s strange that some parts are textured properly while others are not!

    I have not created plane (used createPlane()) in this scene – and I think the exporter doesn’t do that either.

  3. It looks to me like something in Blitz has rendered its own ground plane. It looks to me like what you’d get if you rendered a flat plane, then rendered your scene with z-buffering turned on. I bet that if you move your ground up 10 units in world builder, the problem would be hidden. (Not a permanent solution, but a way to check that it wasn’t in the export).

  4. The texture seems to be well-rendered, i think its a illumination problen. Try to put a light en blit3d near de green object and above it.

    Sometimes i becomes mad with blitz3d

    On the other hand the u-v coordinates of the blitz3d mesh seem to be not right calculated

  5. Annoyances at my day job involve trying to do something that should be simple and finding out that once again there is something tricky about it. It makes a 10 minute task take an entire day or more.

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