The 3 Secrets of Efficient Blogging

Some people have said that “it must be hard to get ideas”, “how much time you spend updating gameproducer.net” and some similar comments. I find it interesting that these same guys might spend hours every week browsing & posting forums… why not simply use that time to update your own blog?

Here’s my three “secrets” that I’m using to blog efficiently:

  • Jot down ideas: This is very important. Whenever you get an idea, have a paper & pen or computer file at hand so that you can write the idea for later use. Topic idea of Game Production and the Art of Making Sit-ups came to my mind when I was exercising. One of The Most Important Lessons About Getting Things Done came to my mind when I was struggling on “what to do next”. The Three-Phase Business Plan of The Underpants Gnomes came from South Park series. If you are short on ideas, check out this post: 7 Ways to Get Ideas
  • Write several entries at once: Another secret ingredient in my blogging style. I tend to take 5-10 ideas and write them all at once. I usually make quite short entries (maybe few hundred words per post on average) so it may take couple of hours to write them all.
  • Schedule & spread the entries over period of time The final secret for “daily blogging”. After I’ve written all the entries, I simply set the dates for each post so that they appear within a week. That way my site gets updated daily… when in reality I might have written all the posts in one day. There are exceptions to this rule: sales stats and interviews usually require more time than the other type of posts.

These are sort of thumb rules I use in blogging, and by using these simple strategies I’d say it’s possible to update your blog quite often without need to spend so much time on it. And yes, this post was written couple of days ago, but published today.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Impossible: I really think updating a blog shouldn’t be a burden (and I’m not suggesting it is for you) but something that’s fun to do. If you want to have 3-4 per week, then perhaps you could simply skip some forum comments… and write to your blog instead?

  2. I’ve been meaning to follow this kind of schedule, but it hasn’t worked out to well. I think I still update my blog more often than many people, but its still only around 3-5 medium sized entries every month, I’d like to have 3-4 a week.

    Really if I took all the blog comments (like this one :)) and forum posts I write in a month and cleaned them up some I would have more than enough content. It does help having two people writing for the blog. The frequent “thousander club” progress updates on your blog help a lot GB.

    So far the entries that I’ve written that have received the most response have been comments and feedback about other people’s games. I really need to post more in development stuff and game ideas. One day I would like to have SOME hype around a game I’m working on, or at least get posted on Tigsource or 2 bears.

  3. Nah… if I see something useful I’ll simply tell about it right away (it doesn’t hurt to have 2 or more posts the same day) – or set my post to be published later.

  4. Well now everyone knows my secret, too. B-)

    The only problem I’ve seen is if something comes up that you want to blog about. Now you have two blog entries on the same day: one that is about current events, and one that isn’t…although that isn’t much of a problem, is it? B-)

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