No Wonder Nobody Wants to Do the Ugly Testing

Kal_Torak – one of the readers who has been commenting since the early days of gameproducer.net – pointed out a huge list of things to test. While most of the stuff might be more suitable for other application programming rather than games there’s still some useful reminders like “Test with and without anti-virus software installed”.

When I look at that long list it really makes me feel that making that type of testing is probably one of the last things I’d like to do in programming – and no wonder. There’s literally hundreds of tiny issues that can cause big problems. Issues like “Verify all commands work from menus and command bars”. Lucky you who use automated testing…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. good (and boring) list. This one doesn’t make sense:

    Verify that text is not rendered as text, not as bitmaps

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