Pjio.com Pre-launch Information

I previously mentioned about pjio.com beta phase. Indiepath has now made a press release about the pre-launch:

Independent UK-based software developer Indiepath released today some pre-launch information about pjio.com, a video game website where the community controls the content.

Pjio, due for release on the 6th of November, is an online gaming site where developers can freely upload and share their creations with communities gamers on, and off site. The pjio package is compelling, virtually and Win32 game can be uploaded and delivered as a browser-based game within minutes. All pjio games are delivered as web games and can be embedded on any web page by simply cutting and pasting a single line of HTML code. Furthermore, the developer can have players sent direct to their own websites by including links when uploading a game.

Pjio believe that the ability to deliver such a rich array of titles coupled with strong community aspects, such as player groups, messaging and chat, make the site a compelling place for game players to come, stay, and play.

So, if you have game waiting and you need some exposure & online playing possibility – check out pjio.com

Juuso Hietalahti