Blog Birthday Is Approaching…

I just noticed that it’s only few weeks before is one year old. When I come to think of this… it’s amazing to see the outcome of taking tiny step each day. I mean – If I had looked at writing this blog “all at once” I’ve probably never had started. But as I decided to take baby steps (and of course use my blogging secrets ;) I’ve managed to participate in creating a site that’s filled with posts, comments, debates and other discussion. I have to say “participating” because this site wouldn’t really be what it is today without the help of you readers – so thank you. I really like to get feedback – anything from grumpy comments to praises – as it helps me to improve, and takes the blog content really to another level.

It’s good to continue from here.

3 thoughts on “Blog Birthday Is Approaching…

  1. Well, it’s not one year yet so no happy birthday yet ;)

    I’ll update the stats soon (I’m going through pile of emails & “management” stuff, so should be done within hours… hopefully)

  2. Happy Birthday! gonna post my updated stats soon?

  3. My blog turned one a week ago, I was so proud. They blog up so fast.