Blog Birthday Is Approaching…

I just noticed that it’s only few weeks before GameProducer.net is one year old. When I come to think of this… it’s amazing to see the outcome of taking tiny step each day. I mean – If I had looked at writing this blog “all at once” I’ve probably never had started. But as I decided to take baby steps (and of course use my blogging secrets ;) I’ve managed to participate in creating a site that’s filled with posts, comments, debates and other discussion. I have to say “participating” because this site wouldn’t really be what it is today without the help of you readers – so thank you. I really like to get feedback – anything from grumpy comments to praises – as it helps me to improve, and takes the blog content really to another level.

It’s good to continue from here.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Well, it’s not one year yet so no happy birthday yet ;)

    I’ll update the stats soon (I’m going through pile of emails & “management” stuff, so should be done within hours… hopefully)

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