7 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Product

In this article I will go through 7 tips for advertisement. All of them are free or inexpensive – and of course creative.

[1] Your own car
Have you ever considered using your own car to promote your business? I have no clue if this would have any impact, but painting a logo of your business or putting a big website address URL with a slogan might actually get somebody’s attention. And, as it’s your car you are free to do whatever you want with it. I know there’s taxis doing this type of advertisement – so why wouldn’t you?

[2] T-Shirts
Another way to advertise your product would be using T-shirt. Go some local store and order some T-shirts with your product logo and website printed on them. Every time you go out to lunch, somebody sees your fancy looking T-shirt and might get interested to visit your site. You could also gather some people and give them some free T-shirts – and let them do advertising for you…

[3] Presentations
When you are doing a presentation somewhere (which might be almost irrelevant to your business), you still might want to add your website in the end of the presentation. Even if the presentation is not directly linked to your product (like let’s suppose you are giving a presentation about making games) you might want to mention your own website (and tell “this is my site where we show what games we have done”). Some of the listeners might actually want to visit your site, even though you weren’t initially talking about your own product.

[4] Messenger titles
This type of advertisement works better if you have a long list of contacts. Simply put a short website URL and mention some key words about something new. For example, put: “yourdomain.com – new website” as the description for your nickname in Messenger. Some of your contacts might notice and check your site, and put a word out.

[5] Mention big numbers
Mention big numbers. I can say number $113,160.53 with a website link, and people are eager to check out the link. For some reason we people want to hear success stories and if somebody has made $113,160.53 selling games, that must be interested. Even you might got interested to check out how the money was earned, don’t you?

[6] Banner advertisement
I’m not talking about website banner advertisement, but physical banner ads. A word of warning: this style of advertising might actually be illegal depending on where you live. But, if it is legal, then consider making a cloth banner (with really a big font and a logo about your product) and displaying it in your apartment window. In some cities and in some rent houses this is illegal, but if you happen to live in an place where it’s legal – then it might be worth trying.

[7] Magic words “Free” and “New”
People are hungry for these words. Even you and I are looking for “free” and “new” stuff. The problem of course with free is that it might attract people who are looking for something cheap, and you cannot advertise Rolls-Royce using “free” as it might sort of make the whole brand and image of quality useless. But, even then – word “free” can be used somewhere. Some people say “free demo” (which sounds okay to me) or “free newsletter” (which sort of sounds cheap for me – I don’t know why), and people like to catch these. Everything “new” is always good, we people simply like new stuff. Combine this with other tips.

Bonus tip: Be Yourself
This is perhaps the most important advertisement tip I can give: be yourself. Whatever you choose to do, be open to opportunities and look things with open mind, but really think if these type of tricks & tips suit for you. If you think mentioning big numbers sounds bad, then simply don’t do that – or feel free to use them in a way that suits your style. It’s important that you feel okay on how your product is advertised.

Juuso Hietalahti


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  2. HI, I just happened to visit your site and saw this…

    …I just wanted to say those are all good ways to advertise, but if you want to get thousands of targeted visitors/buyers to your site you should really do some eZine advertising. It´s one of the most misunderstood form of marketing available…but yet one of the most powerful!

    If you´re interested go to:

    L.O. Niskasaari

  3. I saw one company use MySpace pretty marketing pretty well. Urbane Couture is giving away punk t shirts I saw it on the urbane couture myspace page so they invite people to add them as friends. So they are not spamming at all. It’s really a smart move.

  4. Patrick, isn’t that considered spamming? I’m not very familiar with myspace, can you just go and message random people advertising your games?

  5. You’re forgetting the cheapest and most effective way to advertise your game: build a myspace page and message people in your target audience with an invitation to play a browser embedded demo.

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