Happy Birthday GameProducer.net – 1 Year Old Today

Today is the birthday of GameProducer.net. It’s been one year since I started writing my thoughts down, and publishing them here online. In total there are 388 posts and 1954 comments in this blog. Since June there has been 74197 visits, and 163789 page views. The site has been active and is receiving increasing number of visitors.

As I write this blog entry, I feel really good. It’s been very nice year, and there has been lots of comments and arguments forth and back in the blog. There has been also lots of guidance from you readers when I’ve been getting too much on a sidetrack, you’ve always remembered to mention gently if entries haven’t been focusing on game production… ;)

The most popular articles have been the sales stats, and there sure has been interesting numbers there. I will keep putting new stats also in the future.

Thank you
There are so many names to thank for their support, so I’ll list some of them here. I probably forget some important names (yes – that happens to me) or type them completely wrong so please forgive me. The names are listed totally randomly (using the good ol’ copy-and-paste-here-and-there-eyes-closed -method).

Tim Fisher (for being a great business partner – and especially saying me “what’s stopping you” which sort of was the final push for me to start this blog)
Dan (for posting stuff that actually make me smile)
Cliff Harris (for the nice interview and being a great example – even though you sell games via portals ;)
Corvus (for your support)
– ZeHa (for asking good questions)
– Kal_Torak (for emailing me lots of good stuff, and being a positive force here at gameproducer.net)
– MariuszH (don’t know if you are still reading, but I’m thankful for helping me keep the site focus on target)
– Jess Smith (for great interview)
– Gavin Carter (Oblivion game producer – for the interview)
Scott Miller (for giving a fine interview)
Jeff Tunnel (for giving great comments as an long time industry veteran)
Vex (for letting me pester you with many questions)
Oaf (for letting me test your fine game – it was fine after I finally got it working :)
Jake Birkett (for fine contributions)
Sonicron (for good points)
GBGames (for fine talks about advertisement)
Petri Purho (great articles and insight about prototyping)
– Guys at ArmadilloRun (for proving how good deeds bring good results)
Rampant coyote (for great & inspiring articles, although for some reason I always think about Rampart when I read the URL…)
MrPhil (for support and being the first Insider)
Charlie (for support and giving insight as AAA title game producer)
Mike Acton (for support)
Patrick (for helping me out)
Nick (for telling me about Audacity… and many other things)
– Advisador (although I still don’t know who you are…)
Aymes (it’s nice to see guy who originally was testing Morphlings to be a real help with many other things as well)
Arex (for giving me lots of insight on technology – although I still don’t understand half what he says… ;)
Ghost Dancer (our newest Insider)

And last but not least… all you readers. It’s been great to get comments and emails from you and I’m looking forward to see more of them in the future. I read everything I get, and I’m “bit” busy so the answers might take sometimes quite long, but I do my best.

So, what am I expecting the next year to bring?
– More interviews: Unfortunately two of the promised interviews couldn’t been finished (for people moving to different companies and being buy), but I’ve already been promised to get one interview. I’m going to get some other people to share their insight.
– More sales stats: This naturally depends much about game producers’ willingness to contribute, but I’m sure we’ll see plenty of more sales stats in the year.
– ‘Secret Game Project’ – the “simple” and “quick” project has not been so “simple” and “quick” as I initially planned. Lots of setbacks (which is good) have occurred, but also lots of learning. I’m going to write a more detailed post about the setbacks and what changes have been done. It’s been good experience, and gets even better.
– Daily posts: I will keep writing – well, at least publishing writings – daily to keep the site fresh.
– Contests: spam contents was a great success, and I’m going to have some other contests, because who wouldn’t like to get free stuff?
– Surprise: Something blogging related that I’ll announce in the nearly future.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to RSS feed and the newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any of the juicy parts like sales stats or new interviews.

Hope to see you all here in the future also – let’s make a great next year.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Sweet! The second year brings its own challenges and I look forward to seeing you overcome them!

  2. Happy Birthday and thanks because if Tim hadn’t talked to you, publishing my first game would have been a lot harder :-)

    I’ll probably send you some Holiday Bonus sales stats next yeat oh and Easter Bonus ones.

  3. Happy Birthday! I can’t believe that gameproducer.net is only one year old. I had a feeling that it’s been around for ever. But keep up the good work. I hope it remains active for years to come.

    Btw. GameProducer.net was my inspiration to start my blog. So thank you Juuso.

  4. Going strong. :)
    Happy Birthday GameProducer.net.

  5. What goes around comes around.

    If I had not started talking to “Boywonder” on Blitzcoder.com all those (4) years ago I would have still been selling Websphere stuff for IBM. I owe my business and wealth (TBA) to you Juuso – Happy Birthday xx.

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