GameRelease.net Launched

GameRelease.net is a games press release distribution system. Originally it was known as indiegamebusiness.com – and I’ve purchased the service from Indiepath Ltd. I’ve integrated the system to be a part of GameProducer.net Insiders. If you are a game developer and want to create a marketing and promotion campaign for you, then this is the right service for you.

In a nutshell, this means:

  • Insiders can distribute unlimited number of press releases
  • The press contacts came from indiegamebusiness.com and full list can be found here
  • Price as the service launches in US dollars: $150 one time fee, or paid in $15 monthly (for 12 months, total sum $180)
  • Service is good for marketing campaigns: if you need to announce new project, demo, you game launch, major update – you don’t have to pay separately for each press release: you pay once, and then send press stories when you need
  • Service uses mix of emails, RSS feeds and blog displayment (all stories will automatically be seen at GameProducer.net and at PRtoday.net. GP.net placement will be available soon – and they will be listed with a big image (to catch attention), as a list after first or second post in the front page)

For more information about the service: GameRelease.net.
To join Game Producer Insiders and get access to service: visit here.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or want more details.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Juuso, are you going to make possible to pay you for GameProducer.net Insiders using some other service(Plimus, ShareIt!, etc.) ???

  2. Basically this service has the following benefits:

    – it goes over hundred gaming contacts via email (one of them being gamespress). Full list of contacts is available at the GR site. (list shows the domain names where our contacts have email box)

    – Indie press releases: gamespress is filled with AAA game releases, and it is bit difficult for indies to give newsworthy items that beat Wii, PlayStation 3 releases and so on. Naturally we can get our releases seen at gamespress, but will they read those releases? GR.net subscribers has double-opted for the service and read what’s it all about.

    – service uses also RSS feed (where contacts can read it without need to use email)

    – the PR is automatically displayed at prtoday.net and at gameproducer.net (I don’t know stats for prtoday.net, but gameproducer.net receives over 10K+ unique visitors monthly, so the press releases get some coverage from here too). GamesPress doesn’t automatically display your PR if they don’t want – in gamerelease.net the pr will be checked (to make sure no spam is sent) and then released (the displayment feature for GB.net is *under construction*))

    – it’s not just gamerelease.net service – you also get unlimited access to Insiders and the benefits from there (contacts, forums, ebook stuff and so on.)

    – It’s one-time payment: no extra fees are required to make the more releases.

    Hopefully this clears more about what the service is all about.

  3. What’s the point of this since there are tons of related sites offering the same service for free? Sites like GamesPress.com.

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