Promote Your Game Using Online Videos and Online Game

Indiepath has shown quite innovative way to market their product – and service. Check out 360shooters.com. At the time of writing you can see a YouTube video about the gameplay (Hint: read that last sentence again and use the same for your product). The game costs massive $1, but can also be played free at pjio. (Hint: again read that last sentence, go to pjio and upload your game there).

I like that idea of showing a gameplay video about your game and distributing it as a YouTube video (where it can actually catch some attention) – then mix with the use of pjio and you can get people to play your game online. Sounds like a really simple way to promote your game or product.

Last tip: Check out Fraps if you want to create game videos.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. In the indiegamer.com forum, there was even a discussion about having ONLY a video and NO demo. It was very interesting to read, and I think there are some important thoughts and interesting points of view.

    Personally, I think it would be best to have both. But there were also arguments like “if they download the demo and they don’t get into the gameplay after half a minute, they’ll just stop playing, but if they only see a video and buy it, they kinda HAVE to figure it out a little longer”. I think that’s also a good point, and of course, not getting into the gameplay right from the start doesn’t always have to be a developer’s fault! It can be the player just not in the right mood or something.

    Perhaps there could be a way to use a demo AND a video and still minimize those kinds of problems somehow…

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