3 Efficient Ways to Deal With People

Assume they want to do their best
Game producers should expect people to do their best. When you focus on trusting people to do their best, you start to see how they are willing to go extra mile to actually do a good job. When people are given responsibility and freedom to do things on their way, they are more eager to make things better. When they know that game producer trusts them, they want to show they are capable of handling whatever challenges they might face. Assuming people to do their best is an attitude that brings winning mood to everybody in the team.

Trust people until proven otherwise
I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t trust people. If one approaches new potential team members with attitude “I have this great game project and need people, but I’m not showing you any documents because I don’t trust you”, how many team members is he likely to find? If one goes to a negotiation trying to win the deal for himself and thinking that negotiations are “against” somebody, he has already lost. Better approach would be to have a deal where both win. And when both win, it means nobody loses.

Does trusting others mean that you should accept everything they say or that there wouldn’t be people who aren’t trustworthy? No. I’m not saying that you should accept everything that people say – definitely not – but I’m saying that being open and trusting people has opened me so many doors of opportunities that I can’t even count. If I wouldn’t trust anyone – and some people think this is a valid path to choose – I believe I would be keeping these doors shut. I wouldn’t even bother to open them as I wouldn’t trust that something good might happen. “Fear of bad might happen” shouldn’t overcome “all the good things that are likely happen”.

There are people who say how every teen in a gaming forum is trolling everything and how kids write useless junk. That is partially true – but it is same for adults: there are also elder people who are behaving badly. Then there are much more people with better attitudes. People who focus on the bad sides (and especially those who counter or get into verbal fight with these people) aren’t really doing any better, they are feeding the bad material with their own behavior. When I’m writing this blog I’m thinking that the readers are intelligent, open-minded, friendly and basically trustworthy people. The great majority of comments, emails and people whom I’m talked with are like I just said: intelligent, open-minded and friendly. Many people are very helpful when you start focusing on that.

Remember that everybody has bad days in their life
Remember that people might have bad days in their life. If a programmer is really pissed off and shouts something bad to producer it sometimes might be simpler to let things cool off a while. Often the guy who got upset might later apologize and tell that he has worked too much overtime and is simply tired. Everybody has bad days in their life, so I think it’s better to forget little incidents rather than make a big issue about them. This piece of advice is good to remember not just in game production – where this happens – but also in other aspects of life.

3 thoughts on “3 Efficient Ways to Deal With People

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  3. I like to give new people a “medium” level of trust. That is, I trust that they are capable and want to do a good job. Then I monitor them and see if they build or destroy my trust, and naturally it goes both ways with diffrent people. Some people let me down but I see it coming and then just find another way with someone else and other people surprise me with how brilliant they are.

    It’s funny how many people say they can do something and then they just don’t deliver -then I never work with them again unless they can come back to me in the future as a changed person with some proof, but they have to build that trust again. I prefer it if someone is honest and says they can’t or don’t want to do something so you don’t both waste time.