Wii Success

When I first heard about new game console Wii I thought it would face the same end as “interactive movies” – bad. I thought the new Wii controller wouldn’t be user friendly. I thought it would be way too strange to use.

Today I think quite the opposite. I heard Finnish people – who had given a chance to test Wii – saying that the controller actually works, and is fun to use. I also read a story that says Wii selling millions: “We will sell everything we make, so now it’s a manufacturing thing”. Same time PlayStation 3 is in trouble: Because of logistic problems they couldn’t manage to get enough consoles to stores in Japan and many people are choosing Wii over PlayStation 3 because of the PS3 high price.

I really think Wii will be successful in the future – it already is. The games seem to be more about innovative ways to use the controller, so there might be room for indie game producers to start considering Wii as their target platform.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Wii’s sure has big marketing advantage on UNIQUENESS. Wii is simply “new and different and interesting”, and has a fun imago attached into it. PlayStation and Xbox are more “typical” consoles.

    Also Wii’s price is cheaper than Xbox360/PS3, so that’s a big bonus for it as well.

  2. Wii knows what it is – a games console. The XBOX 360 and PS3 are having an identity crisis – am I a games console, a DVD player, a fridge or a satelit relay station?

  3. I seen a video advertising wii in walmart. I think the idea of having a handheld controller that measures your whole body movement (or at least part of it) is a great idea. I am assuming releasing a game for wii will be as hard as it has always been to release a game for a console. Due to the high costs of developement kits and the limited availability of game slots for new games it has always been hard for indies to get into console game developement.

    Personally, I think the first console that throws the doors wide open for all developers to develop and (just as importantly) sell their created games for it will dominate the market in the future. Microsoft has already taken a step in this direction with the free xml developement kit which allows anyone to develope xbox360 games but there are still limited game slots for the xbox 360.

    While asking a mobile phone dealer about which mobile phone he recommends to his customers I discovered that he based his recommendation on the number of programs availabile for the phones in question. I learned that while most new mobile phones had about the same capabilities the ones that were selling the best were the ones that had the most programs available for them. Those that have the most programs acheived this by letting anyone develop and sale programs for their phone.

    Eventually it is going to be the same way for consoles. While wii has a few new hardware items that the other consoles currently do not have it is only a matter of time until the others catch up. Eventually people will be deciding on which console to purchase based on how many games there are available for them and how good the games are. The console that encourages all developers to develop games, and freely sell the games they develop, will be the one that wins in the long run. At least that’s my opinion.


  4. I have a Wii, and while there’s really very few launch titles that I’m very interested in, Zelda, Wii Sports, and the Virtual Console (w/ new game releases every Monday) carry this machine just fine until the next great game is released. As with any console, there are a few “misses” in the launch line-up, but really, the concept as a whole has been executed fantastically! My family has already played many hours together and individually, some who were never really gamers previously.. proving the Wii’s success on it’s mission. What’s in a name anyways? Well, if you’re name is “Wii”, it’s a multi-million dollar market share capturing success story!

  5. There’s also a thing called “Virtual Console” or something like that. The old Nintendo consoles are emulated and you can order games online (I think NES games are only $5,-). But I read there will be also new games available for that, which could be cool for independent developers (if there’s a simple and not too highpriced way to develop for the Virtual Console).

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