Wanted: Artist Capable of Doing Low-Poly 3D Modeling, Texturing and Animation


I’m looking for a 3D modeler capable of doing low-poly modeling, texturing, and animation. Position pays a little in form of royalties and possibly small (read: tiny) monthly “pocket money”.

The artist would take responsibility in modeling 3D characters and objects for our upcoming Eastern themed Edoiki online multiplayer game. I’m not looking for a guy who necessary has decades of industry expert and does extremely high quality work – when he finds time. I’m more interested in enthusiastic hobbyist or somebody who does pretty good art and could be interested in seeing his work in real published game. More information about the project in the end of this entry.

You are:
Here’s the qualities I’m after in a nutshell:

  • NOT a top-notch 3D artist who never finishes anything.

  • Can do pretty good low-poly modeling (You should be able to do 3D models that have at least the quality like in these pictures: [1] and [2])

  • Can spend roughly 5-10 (or more) hours every week to make the game

  • Is willing to work on royalty based work or for a small (tiny) monthly payment until a certain sum is reached (as an indie my game budget is shoe-string tiny and thus I’m not able to pay a salary, but I can pay some pocket money every month)

  • Positive minded, has passion for games and works well in team.

  • Has texturing and animating skills (feel free to download my Hightailed game to see what type of animations I’m after)

  • Basically a guy who is interested in doing art for games, can do pretty good 3D art, and is interested in working together also in the future.

Then some other qualities that are considered as good

  • Is interested in martial arts (has perhaps even belt rank in some martial art) as the game characters know martial arts and need to be animated.

  • Plays online multiplayer games (my company Polycount Productions is focused on making games that people can play together).

  • No need to be good at making concepts, although that’s a plus.

Required work
The first assignment requires you to do following:

  • 3D character (concept art is available for those who apply)
  • around 1000-2000 polygons (triangles)
  • 512×512 texture file
  • .3DS file format (or possibly .B3D, 3D Studio Max has plugin that exports .B3D files)
  • Some animations

Location & timezones
It doesn’t matter where or on what timezone you live. As long as you have Internet connection and preferrably Skype or MSN account (ICQ is okay, but I prefer using Skype/MSN) it’s okay. I’m mostly online around 6 am to 2 pm (or 06 – 14) GMT time, but timezones never have been a real problem as emails and forums work fine.

About the Edoiki game project
Edoiki game project started in January 2006 and was aimed to be released at Q3/Q4 2006. The first beta was aimed to summer, but the deadline was missed and my summer holiday postponed the project. Some time ago, the 2D artist “left the building” leaving only 2 members in the team: me (producer/programmer) and sound artists (who is waiting for tasks). Meanwhile I approached one movie company in Finland about possibility to brand Edoiki for them, but I haven’t heard from them after the phone I had with their producer. At

The Edoiki project uses a tactical combat system which means it requires more brain over speed. The “simple and quick project” wasn’t so simple and quick (partially because of 2 key persons leaving the team) but today the network framework works pretty well and tiny parts of the actual gameplay has been programmed.

I have tested the first gameplay with couple of people and it looks like there’s need for more interaction in the game. The framework that I’ve programmed makes it lots of easier to me to add features, and so I have planned 3 different game modes (all can be played online with other players). Three play modes range from “real time” to “partially turn based or partially real time” to “turn based” playing.

  • First mode: Kata training. This is the original concept where 2 (or potentially more in the later versions) players compete in doing different katas – or series movements – using weapons. The main idea of this mode is to secretly choose your movement and make sure it’s better than opponent’s move. This mode will require bit similar logic as there’s in Stratego board game.
  • Second mode: Class training. In this mode there will be one instructor and class full of students practising different moves. This mode requires reflexes and faster response from player.
  • Third mode: Free fight. In this mode there – surprise, surprise – occurs fighting that combines the need for both wits & quickness (that you hopefully learned in the first 2 modes…).

To apply, please contact me and tell a few words about yourself and also either attach images or send links to work you’ve done.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Alejo: Well, in fact I could have added more information (like more info about the team, and milestones, and expected release dates etc.)… but the number of contacts I’ve got so far means that I’ve done something right ;)

    If you are going to apply, please remember to attach some images or link to portfolio..

  2. This entry could also be named: “how to make a proper artist request”.
    There are so many request that are barely the request alone and don´t tell anything about the project itself (maybe because of some paraonic secrecy?). Nor to mention the non existence of willing to motivate in most requests.

    I will consider apply for the job.

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