One Unit Purchased Every Second

Some days ago I mentioned about the Wii success and then I saw interesting figures from gamesindustry.biz. Nintendo UK has reported that 50,000 units of the console were sold in just 12 hours. That’s one unit purchased every second according to them.

BBC reported about the sales – but from different point-of-view: “Wii shortages frustrating gamers”. Wii has not been shipped in many places and not every customer has had a chance to get the console delivered to them. Some people have pre-ordered Wii months ago, and still cannot get their hands on the vehicle anytime soon.

That’s a real problem for Nintendo, and there’s another problem knocking on the door: there has been a lawsuit about the Wii-mote patent.

We’ll see how it will go in the future – whether Nintendo can get enough consoles for customers and whether the patent issue is going to interrupt their business.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I doubt that lawsuit will affect them at all. If you look into the details of the case it’s a presentation pointer device with a trigger underneath it for the PC market versus a remote with a trigger underneath for a completely different market. How Interlink’s (iirc) sales are affected by Wii sales, is grasping at straws, imo. Besides, there are other factors too that makes this lawsuit moot.

    As for Nintendo’s launch in the UK, it’s to be expected that there would be shortages at launch. Not to mention consoles has to be made for all of Europe which is in itself, a very daunting task, I think. ‘Sides, those who really want the system will wait for it – all the while, playing on their friend’s new Wii console. ;)

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