I’ve encountered a small problem with the name of the game Edoiki. Some people say “Eidoki” instead of “Edoiki”. I decided to register eidoki.com and make it point to edoiki.com to make sure people who try typing the URL directly will find it.

Letters E and I are bit difficult in names. “Weird” or “wierd”… which one was it? Also word “gray” can be problematic. It’s different in USA and UK. Depending on the country you use “grey” or “gray”. One solution to problem is simply ignore it, or register couple of additional domain names to make sure people who type your website URL incorrectly will reach your site right away.

I don’t have that much experience on domain names, but since several people have typed the game name incorrectly, I decided to spend couple of bucks to make sure I have the domain name space covered.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Only by remembering, I would have thought its name is “Edioki” ;)

  2. Eidoki sounds more like some kind of martial art. to me it sounds more natural and if recalling the name it might be that I would type in something like that. In fact when I read the title of the post today I didn’t notice it was wrong.

  3. Also, sometimes it might be wise to register the .net version

    I had a great review in a magazine and they type the URL wrong:
    .net instead of .com

    Bastard ;-)


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