Finnish Game Design Event in Jyvaskyla, Finland (January 12th and 13th)

This is relevant mostly for Finnish audience (and especially people living near Jyväskylä), but there’s something interesting information for the others as well. People from Majatalo.org (great Finnish RPG forum) are organizing a game design event to be held in Jyväskylä. The event is meant to be 2 days long and will take place at the university.

The main ideas are:

  • To gather group of people interested in games
  • Developers get chance to present their work
  • Developers can get feedback
  • Game type or development phase doesn’t matter
  • There’s going to be pen & paper role playing games, board games and video games
  • Games can be in beta testing phase or just in idea phase

More information (in Finnish) can be found: here (at the moment there’s not really much anything yet, but they will add more information). If you are interested in participating, throw some email to them and explain what sort of game you are going to present: Contact information here.

I’m going to present Edoiki there, and hopefully (but I promise nothing ;) make some notes and bring the presentation online as well, so those of you who miss the show can get some idea about how things are going.

Juuso Hietalahti