2078 Spams

Spammers really start to get annoying: couple of days ago I received 2078 spam messages to my mailbox in just 3 hours. I hadn’t set up server mailing system properly – so every mail towards this domain got into my mailbox. I made some changes (set up proper forwarders etc.) and now things are back to normal.

Spamming sure starts to become ridiculous.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yip, spamming gets ridiculous. Allmost every email I get is placed inside a spamming folder. Only email adresses I know of run through. The rest get’s deleted when I see a topic like “Peter bougth this” or “RE: Hi there”.

  2. I also thought “it’s ridiculous, who would buy there anyway”, but it seems that the return rate IS indeed big enough! I can’t believe it, but there ARE people who buy products because they got spammed by those companies…

  3. I laughed when I saw that comment…
    Funny thing is, there is just so much spam, that it becomes ineffective. I mean, I just delete everything spam related right away and I refuse to buy products from companies that use mail lists as a form of advertising.

    Should there be 2078 billboards on a single street, I think it wouldn’t be very effective…

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