2078 Spams

Spammers really start to get annoying: couple of days ago I received 2078 spam messages to my mailbox in just 3 hours. I hadn’t set up server mailing system properly – so every mail towards this domain got into my mailbox. I made some changes (set up proper forwarders etc.) and now things are back to normal.

Spamming sure starts to become ridiculous.

7 thoughts on “2078 Spams

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  2. MikeHart

    Yip, spamming gets ridiculous. Allmost every email I get is placed inside a spamming folder. Only email adresses I know of run through. The rest get’s deleted when I see a topic like “Peter bougth this” or “RE: Hi there”.

  3. ZeHa

    I also thought “it’s ridiculous, who would buy there anyway”, but it seems that the return rate IS indeed big enough! I can’t believe it, but there ARE people who buy products because they got spammed by those companies…

  4. Otávio

    I laughed when I saw that comment…
    Funny thing is, there is just so much spam, that it becomes ineffective. I mean, I just delete everything spam related right away and I refuse to buy products from companies that use mail lists as a form of advertising.

    Should there be 2078 billboards on a single street, I think it wouldn’t be very effective…


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