Refer to This Rule When You Are About to Reduce Your Product Price

Many developers think that reducing the game price will increase the sales. While this might be true sometimes, I generally believe that people won’t buy your game because it’s cheap – they are looking for fun, and when looking for something fun price is only one element. If people say that your product price is too high, do this.

There’s a rule I’d like you to ponder when you are thinking about reducing the price of your game: If people are pouring money into buying beer, they must have money to buy my game even if it costs bit more. Think about that. A bar night might cost $30-50 (or whatever) and with $20 you can get couple of cases of beer. People have no problem buying that stuff, so why would they have problems buying your $20 game if it really is a good one?

Think about it. How many beers is your game worth?

3 thoughts on “Refer to This Rule When You Are About to Reduce Your Product Price

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  3. Roman Buodzwski

    @Juuso: How many beers is your game worth?

    My game is probably worth 100k or even 2 million beers if we talk about gross revenues :D So the question should be: How many beers is your game worth to your customer?


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