Why Do You Make Games?

As the year is coming to end I think it’s good idea to remind yourself about why you are making games. I believe there are many reasons from passion, overcoming technical challenges to creative reasons, and my reason is this: I like doing games.

I like playing with the code and building stuff, and make things happen at screen. I simply like making games – it’s “something I’ve always wanted to do”, and that’s the reason I’m doing this.

While money is important, I don’t think there’s no point in making games only to make money. I believe there’s plenty of better paying jobs (especially for indies) so money cannot be the main motivator. I believe passion comes first, and profits after that.

What’s your reason for doing games?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. A reason for living,a reason to dream.Though a waste I probably am, within the sea of professionalism, I’ll probably never stop looking up in those full of essence bits and bytes(and their outcome)and smile with a spontaneously pure-sprung childlike smile ,full of the eager desire to do so as well. For they hold a truth ,neither good nor evil.

  2. I remember playing Zelda as a child (ten years old or something) and thinking “some day I want to do something like this”.

    I still haven’t, though I do have a basic engine code for a zelda-like game waiting on my hard drive :)

    Mostly it’s the passion to tell stories and create worlds – there’s something unique in the way games can tell stories that can’t be achieved via other mediums. I also enjoy writing stories, but I just seem to be drawn to games again and again.

  3. I do it for my own personal pleasure: that feeling you get when you first get a walking character into a virtual world which you created yourself – there’s nothing quite like it, especially the first time.

    I’ve never released a game, so I can’t say it’s for the pleasure of watching others play it; but I do make music, and I know the feeling, so I guess you could say I’m chasing that same thing.

  4. I do it for passion & money. It’s a pleasure to create a game that’s a story and even bigger pleasure to watch people enjoying your game/story and even bigger pleasure watching order confirmation emails flooding your mailbox ;-)

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  5. It’s something I wanted to do since I started dabbling with Hypercard when I was 11. I still remember finding a piece of hypertalk script that made an image move, and feeling the rush of realizing that maybe I would be able to actually make games myself! :)

  6. I do (did?) it cos I really think it’s good fun BUT here’s my problem, as it’s now my day job I have to make money doing it, and that takes some of the fun out of it because I have to make choices for business sake that maybe I wouldn’t have made if it was still a hobby.

  7. I’m very glad that Jay Barnson decided to add the word ‘perhaps’ in his statement of “Computer Games are perhaps the most difficult of artistic mediums.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling it an easy art, but when you look at all the other artistic mediums in the world you cannot honestly consider Video Games to be at the top as far as difficulty. Look at Architecture, or the the ever-changing and fickle world of Marketing. It boils down to this: If your game crashes, it doesn’t kill people. :)

    (stipulation: I’m an Architect, not a Game Producer, so clearly our viewpoints are skewed by our professions)

    The Game designers I do know (either videogames or boardgames) do it because games are what they most enjoy in life, and working with what you most enjoy can be infinitely rewarding!

  8. Not every musician is a rock star, likewise a rock star lifestyle isn’t obviated from all game producers. You just need to have the right attitude, and the right mix of creativity and business sense.

    I make games because thats what I’ve been doing since I was three years old. I was working with paper back then, but it grabbed me by the balls and hasn’t let go.

  9. For the girls and the money, obviously.

    What? Those are the rock stars? Damn!

    /grabs Guitar playing for dummies

  10. I like to create. Computer Games (or “interactive entertainment”) are perhaps the most difficult of artistic mediums, but also (IMO) the most rewarding.

  11. I make games because they lie at the nexus between fun, art, science and the unknown potential of the mind’s creativity. It is a very interesting and satisfying experience to be part of this industry now and I expect it will be even more so in the future. I can’t think of anything else I’d prefer to do with my creative energy and even in the deepest, darkest crunches I’m thankful every day for being able to do this kind of work for a living.

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