Small Gestures Have Big Impact

Christmas time – as any other time – is fine time for charity and donations. I’d like to remind that even small sums can have big impact. Donating one million dollars is a tough job for average joe, but it’s quite easy for million Joes and Janes to donate one dollar.

How about donating one dollar – just one tiny buck – for somebody today? I’m sure one dollar won’t hurt your Christmas budget (you’ve spent way more than you first thought anyway ;) and when many people give one dollar, it will have a big impact. If you don’t have 1 dollar, consider giving 50 cents or 10 cents. If you have extra 10 or 20 bucks to spare, consider helping somebody out by spending that.

For example, open source and developers of free software are good target for donations. There are plenty of people with great software asking for donations, so why not remember them? How about considering donating small sum (or big if you want) to some people whose software you’ve been using and really appreciated their effort?

Small gestures have big impact.

Juuso Hietalahti


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