You Don’t Need to Be Busy

Some busy people always complain how busy they are. Some might even feel little proud of being busy. If you are busy, I think it’s better to ask yourself a question: “Why are you busy?”. If the answer is “school, work, hobbies, etc. – all the stuff I need to do” then you’ve responded wrong. You are busy because you’ve chosen to be busy. Nobody forced you to work or take so many classes or hobbies. You have put yourself in that situation, and it’s your responsibility to deal with it. Simply delegating work and learning to say “no” can help you.

Being busy is not because too much of work, being busy happens because of accepting and taking too much work.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Tuebit: When you feel you are busy, it’s a good sign that you are doing something wrong and you should change something in your life.

  2. @Tuebit: I understand your point of view and I agree that I could have put more details in the article. Maybe I’ll write another one in the future.

    But regarding choices… I have no idea what kind of work situation you have, but would it be possible for you to work only 4 days instead of 5 days per week? And perhaps change your car to cheaper one? Or perhaps you can find some way to save money which would release pressure from work?

    You might also consider getting your family into your hobby (if that’s possible) or someway being part of that hobby?

    Can you turn make your hobby to be your work? (I’m not recommending getting big debt and going for indie right away) In some countries that’s easier than in other countries. In some countries you need only couple hundreds of bucks per month to “survive”. Would it be possible for you and your family to move to some other country?

    As said… there’s always choices. Not everything can happen instantly, but if one starts brainstorming how to make all parties happy, I’m sure one can find ways to balance things.

  3. Tuebit: It may *feel* like there is no choice but there always is. Also the choices aren’t binary. I was in a similar situation for many years, and sometimes put myself back into it for one reason or another (but I never blame it on ourside stuff, when I’m busy I realise that I’ve created it one way or another). Anyway after making some choices a few years ago, and more choices this year (the sort that most people don’t make), I’m not as busy now and it’s great – more time for family and hobbies and passive income building all the time…

  4. I’ve heard that reasoning applied to many complaints … and I’ve always thought it was a bit flawed.

    Sure, it always a CHOICE … but sometimes a choice is not really a choice.

    I’m very busy. The big contributors are work and family. But my personality doesn’t permit me to alter my involvement in either. I must work to support my family. I must be involved with my family, for what other reason for existence is there (at least in my philosophy).

    I’d like to spend more time on my hobby. My family makes some allowance for it and I’ve organized my work life to permit me some time as well. Friends have cited your argument … saying that I could simply choose to spend more time on the hobby.

    From my perspective, I’m about as able to make that kind of a choice as another person might able to cut off their own arm.

    Having a choice doesn’t always equal the freedom to choose.

    A better article would have focused less on reducing the validity of the complaint and more on common strategies to extract those extra few moments from a day for people who are busy and want to be busier.

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