Year 2007

In the end of 2005 I wrote a short article Promote Your Business Daily and I think the tip is worth repeating also in the end of 2006. You could also use that as “work on your game daily” or whatever it is you are going to commit yourself doing for the year 2007. Don’t forget 1 Hour Solution to Any Problem and 1-Minute Solution to Getting Things Done that can help you out.

I took a brief look into my crystal ball and this is what 2007 brings:

  • GameProducer.net will keep updating daily.
  • Edoiki game will be published (one way or another)
  • The framework and code that was made for Edoiki will help me test prototypes for new online multiplayer games
  • More sales statistics and interviews will be published.
  • Insiders will get at least one major service addition to the current pack.
  • Fun pen & paper role playing game idea – something that’s never seen before – just might come true…

I also saw some other visions (although the crystal ball was bit foggy in these parts so it’s provided in “as-is” basis – I’m not taking any personal responsibility for these)

  • More indies will start making games for consoles, especially for Xbox live but also PlayStation and Wii will be targeted. (Partially correct: Xbox live is getting more attention but PlayStation and Wii are not in the reach of most indies)
  • Fallout MMO will be published. (Nope – it didn’t happen, but at least the Fallout 3 is scheduled to be published at Fall 2008)
  • They finally agreed about the finances and will start making The Hobbit movie. (Unfortunately not – shame really… I would really have wanted to see that movie happen.)
  • Sid Meier’s name will be seen in the title of some really cool game that will be talked about years. (Nope – no super-big-mega-hits that carry Sid’s name, but I keep waiting. Certainly it’ll happen)
  • Duke Nukem Forever release date will be published. Getting closer! (teaser here)
  • EA will get fatter than ever, and many smaller studios will be eaten. (Pretty much so, just look at news like this)
  • There will be so terrific graphics in new games that game reviewers have to invent new words to describe them. Correct! (Just one word: Crysis)

I’ll put the ball away now and wish you all Happy New Year 2007.

Thanks for reading. See you here also in the future.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. “Duke Nukem Forever release date will be published. ”

    Haha that’s pretty good.

    Anyway, thanks for a great site. One thing that makes this site better than many others for me is that it’s positive. So many other sites are negative or sniping etc. All the people on the are full of negative energy and advice, and many of them are also going nowhere. This site is like a shining beacon amonst the other sites. Please keep up the good work in 2007, ignore the flames, and be happy that you are helping others. Have a great 2007.

    My “primary focus” for next year is to improve my finances. Most other areas of my life are pretty good and this is one area that will be seeing some serious growth. I used to earn a lot but took a big dip whilst learning to make games and also studying lots of self-improvement material – now it’s time to put all that into action BIG TIME!

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