Who Are All You People? Please, Introduce Yourself

I have published over 400 articles since the launch of this blog and even though some entries have received quite many comments, most of the tens of thousands of readers haven’t ever said a word. I stumbled upon a nice idea at stuntdubl.com and thought to ask you readers to introduce yourself. I will place this blog entry in a prominent place within the coming weeks so people won’t miss it.

I give the ball to you now. Who are you and where do you live? How often you read GameProducer.net and how did you find this site? Leave a comment to this entry and let’s hear your story. It’s really great to hear about you people.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Howdy!

    My name is Tobias, but I often go by the nick hObbE. I run a small indie game development company called Spell of Play Studios besides my daytime job.

    I work with the (growing) production/business side of things and also do a lot of game design and programming. I also cheat with graphics sometimes.

    We are currently trying to amp things up and I’m looking forward to using this site as inspiration and to gather resources!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey folks!

    Right now I’m probably the newest Insider on this site. So first off: Thanks for all the great work with it, it’s really been very helpful already. Looking forward to enjoying the perks of an Insider. ;)

    My name’s Henrik Öquist, and I’m a co-founder and Producer at Silent Grove Studios, a five-man Swedish independent studio who focuses on collaborative and competitive online play. Dawnspire is our first and thus far only title.

  3. Hi all. I’m Kamil and I am a game developer/programmer/artist/etc (yes, one man army), and I live in Lodz, Poland.

    I have few commercial titles for mobiles, and right now I’m working on PC title.

  4. i am 8 years old and im such a game freak and i wish to make my own game and i need some help.

  5. I’m a job-hunting bachelor of hypermedia, set my goal to become a game designer. I’m a bit of an entrepreneur, I have a few projects ongoing, and for pure funsies. I’m Swedish and American, 25 years old, unemployed. Getting a Game Design positions is rough, but I’ve done a few interviews and tests. ;D I’m currently blogging about/giving an insight in my job hunting, insights in projects and other stuff around the gaming culture and business, together with some friends (some in the business, some not). A friend gave me this adress a week ago so here I am. ;D Feel free to read and comment my blogg too, have a pleasant summer!

  6. I just found this site today, while taking a break from writing out my first game. These site is like a breath of fresh air of all that bad advice on the web. All I really want, after I finish writing my first game (and maybe a few more), is for it to get published some way or another (no delusion that they will get published the exact way I wrote them), get paid and maybe someday be able to stop working in the retail sector. It may never happen, but I have to try!

  7. im a computing student from scotland.

    i first found this site while performing research for my honours projects on “project management within games development companies”. which failed do to a lack of reseach material, and result returns.

    was amazed how many games developemnt companies espeically in uk failed to keep up to date web sites and contact adresses.

    i want to be a professional games developer, i love designing games and making stories for them. i found this site gave me really useful ideas for my own ambitions.

  8. Nice to be involved here, My name is Joshua Jones age 30, I am a Junior at Westwood College Online, currently producing the schools first game for GDC, just very excited about the teams hard work and dedication for a fully designed game from online students. As all students do I am here to learn from what this site offers and of course try to live up to the high bar set before us.

  9. Greetings :)

    My name is Jared Brody and I currently am in the Army as a Cavalry Scout stationed in Budigen, Germany.

    I currently have no knowledge about the production side of games except for some beta testing, but do know that my burning desire for enjoying video games has got me to this site.

    I am getting out of the military in about 3 weeks and just got accepted to University of Advancing Technology in Arizone where I will start on my BA for Game Design. I was looking into this website trying to figure out the difference in Game Designer and Game Producer (which seems to be a thin line depending on companies).

    Hopefully in the next couple years I will be able to add my name in some credits of a game you guys finish :)



  10. Hello All

    Game developer but I am a artist/designer. Looking to make some fun games this year with my wife who is also a artist as well. Also going to develop some hard core games and casual games.


  11. Hi All,
    I’m Anne, an Executive Producer for educational toys, online games and boardgames. Currently in Chicago.
    Came across this website through google searches re: PM for gaming tips and tricks on an idle Friday afernoon.

  12. I’m Anne, part of the Writers Cabal. We’re experienced writers for games and television who work with producers and developers to create narrative design and dialog for great games! We’re based in New York and Los Angeles currently. Come by and say hi!

  13. Hi all. My name is Carlos Perez and I am a lead Quality Assurance Analyst (lead game tester), and I live in Orange County, California. I have worked in QA for a year and a half now. I am very familiare with the industry and well aware of how things work and get done.
    I found this site today while searching through Gamasutra. I am VERY passionate about games and am sometimes considered to be too ambitious. I am currently working my way up, and eventually get where I want to be. I have tested titles such as: World Championship Poker 3, Purpals, Dave Mirra BMX, and various casual games. I will most likely be refering to this site daily. I am also attending school for business management. Good to meet you all. Lets keep making those innovative indie games!!

  14. Hello I like to mention that this is a great site I am looking forward to making games someday so i dropped by and seen what it was all about I am from Canada.


  15. hi, i’m debbie from west virginia i am just starting on designing games and found this site and thanks for the tip, i don’t have any team yet! i pefer doing it myself. ; }

  16. Hey, I’m Sarper from Turkey/Istanbul.I’ve been using blitz3d for 3 years now, developed a lot of amateur projects, and developing my first commercial one with my team of 3 nowadays.

  17. Hello I am Giorgos from Greece in my 30s, web designer/developer and flash game site owner.

    I would like to learn to create my own flash games. Looking to see if I can find any resources here about that.

  18. This is Ekrem from Turkey. I was searching for game-sale statistics in Austria for an incoming mag and stumbled upon this very nice looking site. I just browsed a bit, im at work now, gonna check it throghouly later.
    Anyway, I’ve so far been more of a player than a producer (except for a blackjack game in Pascal that I did for school assignment and a few little silly stuff) but trying and learning on producing, though I guess I’ll do better on design and content.

  19. I’m an indie game developer who has many games that were developed. Although I never really got much recognition, the few that knew about my creative touch, knew about how much I loved duplicating old games and throwing them into flash. Such games existed on the SNES , NES, and Genesis.

    The latest was R-Type WaBuF.

  20. Paul Hamilton – Mooktown Games

    Casual games designer based in Queensland Australia.

  21. Hi,

    I am jacky zheng, come from hong kong.

    I’m a indie game developer before i start my game site. My last game is Deep Ball Defender, it’s a breakout clone. Now, i have no extra time to develop games, i run my site full timely. I like game programming, maybe someday i will continue my game develop work.

  22. Hi all,

    My name is Pham Thai Son, 23, from Saigon, Vietnam.
    I worked in mobile game studio. I found GP.net by Google when I try to find something for my plan: move to Game Producer position in about one year coming.

  23. Thank-you for running an excellent site. My name is Greg Maynard, 26, and I am an indie developer, working on an online card game called HLC:Cards.

    I’ve worked on the project on and off for a few years, and have used it as a way to learn new skills and express my love of multiplayer card games.

  24. Hi,
    My name is David MEKERSA, from France. I’m 35 years old, 2 childs. I’m, with my Wife, the author of the Casual Games France blog where we write reviews about casual games and provide affiliate links.

    My job : engineer, project manager (not in game industry, just the one with too many numbers and business words…)

    I’m working on a casual game (an hybrid beetwen Tetris Attack and memory games), done in Blitzmax. My team : me (code) and a friend artist.

  25. I am a 10 year old child.I want to learn how to make video games so i can have video games i’ll never get bored of.Having your own video games you create is>then having games you bought from the store.In conclusion i am trying to say please teach me how to create my own video games.

  26. Hi I’m Mauricio, from Colombia, LA!! I’m curretly 19 years old and 2 years ago I began with my dream of break into the game industry. I’m pasionate about games, specially mmorpgs ones which I hope to specialize myself in the future.

    Best regards

  27. Hi! I’m Max! I’m a composer and producer. I work at my home studio and I’m makeing music for games.

  28. Hey, I’m Fernando. I’m a game programmer at 1st Playable Productions. Our company most recently released Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords on the DS in North America. I’m working on two unannounced DS Projects.

  29. Jordan, 20 years old.

    I’ve had an obsession with technology that started in my early teens. As I was finishing high school I got the hair brain idea of making my own video game, come on, who doesn’t want to do that. Being an avid programmer I figured I could probably do it. I researched video game development for about two years and during that time I tried many times to start working on my own engine and quit knowing I didn’t have enough knowledge to get started. That was two years ago, I was 18 then and I’m 20 now. Those two years of research and planning and design of my own engine really helped a lot. Now there’s not a doubt in my mind that I can make my own game engine. :)

    I like to think of myself as an entrepreneur even though I haven’t started a single business yet. My plans for now are to develop my 3D engine and use it to produce a free online multiplayer game and eventually introduce some kind of money making scheme in to it if it is successful.

    I currently work full time but my day job is going to eventually take a back seat to game development. I want to go part time to work on my game.

  30. Hello, my name is Joonas Laakso. I’m 28 and from Finland. I work as a project manager in a web development company, with dreams of working as a producer in the game industry.

    On my spare time I’m leading a hobbyist team making an arcade racer. Exciting, that!

  31. Hello, I’m Steve White and I stumbled on this website just from browsing different game-based websites. This site is very interesting and I plan on returning often!

    I compose music and am attempting to get into the video game industry.

    Some samples are available at my website.

  32. Hi, I’m Saagar Dhoke and I work as a Production Head at Contest2Win, a online game development studio based outof Mumbai India. This is my 6th year in the gaming industry and enjoying it to the fullest.

  33. My name is Sergi and among many things, I am a geek… an entrepreneur… a Gamer and an Internet addict.
    I am Spanish and I live and work in Japan, the home of addicted Gamers and Big Sumo Guys.
    I am fluent in Japanese and in between games, i look outside my window and see the beautiful Mount Fuji, sip on a cup of tea and remember fond memories of my home town.

  34. I am the founder of a startup DigitalBrix, based in Nashua NH, bringing a disruptive technology to enable casual user generated games.

  35. My Name is Joe Future. I live in White Lake Mi and I am a music producer and motion designer. I create motions and music. I am 38 years old.

    I also create video game content via 3D modeling, texturing and animation.

    Thanks again and Cheers


  36. Just came to this site for the first time today, It is bookmarked and i will be spending time (when available) reviewing and reading the articles.

    My name is Shylo Smith and I am a producer for a Mobile game company in Vancouver called IUGO Mobile Entertainment.

  37. I’m the Art Director at Evolution Vault, a small indie developer which announced today the Demo release for Galactic Dream: Rage of War. The Trial version includes one playable race, advanced control features thought to make players’ lives easier, support for hundreds of units and an immerse storyline set on the stage of the 25th century.

    Evolution Vault was established in 2005, as an in-house developer of computer games, giving shape to one project so far: the Galactic Dream, and expanding its territory toward on-line gaming with their next project (Avatar Shell), while they strive to provide a consistent gaming environment for players worldwide.

  38. My name is Blaine Christian and I’m the Art Director for Entermedia Corp. We’re a software development company involved with location-aware social networking and games.

    Our flagship project Qlique will be launching in 9 days.

    Qlique is my first major project where I’m responsible for both art and logistical design (game design, interface design, app functionality, etc.) so it’s a very exciting and nerve-racking week to go.

    Don’t have much time to do anything but work… but I’ve enjoyed gp.net so much that i had to take a minute or two to post.

    Wish us luck.

  39. Hi. I’m Matt, and I do business development for Creat Studios. I’ve been in the games business since 1993 in a variety of design, production and business management roles.

    I got into the game business after spending a number of years in high tech advertising and marketing jobs. I’ve always been a rabid gamer and amateur designer, so when I saw a game designer job opening in the Boston Globe I leaped at it, and haven’t looked back since.

  40. I’m Tim Fisher, I’m the co-founder of Indiepath Ltd (Juuso since moved over here). I’m the guy behind the game GEOM, cBubble, iRoids and Part One – I also developed the igLoader software and eXigo, I am the sole programmer/developer/brain behind pjio.

    My background is corporate software sales and marketing for IBM, programming has always been an interest but I did not seriously take it up until about 2 years ago.

  41. Hello, I’m Tero Lepistö from Finland. I’ve got this little game-making hobby for maybe 20 years now. Yep, started when I was 10 yrs. I did text-adventures with old classic C=64. I Bought AMOS in late 80’s and made some small games with it. Somewhere in the middle I tried to made some browser/flash-games.

    Now i’ve been working with dull Websites, User Interfaces for Companies Multimedia-DVD-Roms and serverside scripting.

    I’m still day dreaming for making my first big game. ;)

  42. Well, i’m Florian, 23, living and studying computer science in Rennes, France. I planned to work in Game Development a long time ago, when my grandparents offered me a Game Boy with Tetris. I was looking for some “game development related” material when someone gave me this address. I had added this to my RSS manager and i read the articles as often as i can.

    I noticed that your articles are often short but full of informations and “bon sens” (maybe it’s “good sense” in english, but it seems so an easy translation that i’m suspicious about it :) ), and i easily admit that you’re definitely one of my favorite blog.


  43. Hi, I’m Nick, age 20, and live in Massachusetts. I’m currently working on finishing my Junior year as a Dual Electrical and Computer Engineering major. Those few hours each week that I’m not busily doing homework I’m working on developing my game, which will hopefully break the mold for both the MUD and MMORPG genres in one shot, If I ever get the time to finish it.

    I’m pretty sure I found the site looking for information on choosing a good name for a game…. as I still only have a placeholder.

  44. Hi I’m Rob Mason, I’m 28 and live in Tewkesbury, England. I currently work for a large financial services company as an eCommerce manager and spend my spare time either doing family stuff, playing games or building websites.

    Game Producer is a great resource for me because it combines two interests: gaming and going it alone business-wise. I’m subscribed to the RSS feed so never miss a post.

  45. Hey all… I’m Michael from Melbourne, Australia. This is actually my first time to the site and my initial impressions have been very positive. This thread alone has been excellent marketing for you, as you clearly have a very learned audience… something that speaks volumes about your content.

    I’ve actually just resigned from a permanent position at a prominent ad agency to start my own flash/casual games business. I’m addicted to the idea of games… and I look forward to making my mark in the industry sometime soon. As far as skills go, I’m a flash programmer with an eye for design.

    I use Sage in FireFox and look forward to enjoying this site in the future.


  46. I’m Diego, from Madrid, Spain. I work as a .NET software developer (and now starting to do security consulting and related things). I also have a small community of blogs about development, computers and game programming (not just mine, from friends too).

    I’ve been with videogames since I was a child, and I always wanted to make videogames. Actually I read a lot and do some small “tests” (I don’t like to call them even mini-games), but I want to start making small “full” games to put all to practice.

    I read your articles from RSS (Google Reader).

  47. Hi there,
    I’m Serkan Ensoner, 24, from Turkey. Currently, I’m pursuing my master’s degree in Computer Science. I’m a game programmer and a leader of an indie game development team aimed to build an RTS game. Mostly I read gp.net articles via RSS in Opera Browser

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