Who Are All You People? Please, Introduce Yourself

I have published over 400 articles since the launch of this blog and even though some entries have received quite many comments, most of the tens of thousands of readers haven’t ever said a word. I stumbled upon a nice idea at stuntdubl.com and thought to ask you readers to introduce yourself. I will place this blog entry in a prominent place within the coming weeks so people won’t miss it.

I give the ball to you now. Who are you and where do you live? How often you read GameProducer.net and how did you find this site? Leave a comment to this entry and let’s hear your story. It’s really great to hear about you people.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hi all
    My name is Stuart. I have some programming experience, can model in 3d fairly well, can texture 3d models ok but i would like to learn more, I am great at design and understanding the core gameplay mechanics, I enjoy business so thats all good, Have been playing games for as long as i can remember, although i am fairly new to development.

    I have just finished my first year at A levels and that includes A level computing (the programming, hardware, theory one not IT which is spreadsheets and such)

    Anyway i have been reading the blog for ages but never really posted much so thought i would say hi

  2. I just stumbled my way here. I’m not an active reader, but I took some time to comment on a few things elsewhere.

    I have some programming experience and absolutely love and hate the online gaming culture.

    Is love and hate like matter and anti-matter?

    Not sure. But I was honest!

  3. Hello Everyone!

    My name is Julio Cesar, I live in Campinas – Sao Paulo, Brazil, I’m a 24 years old programmer and actually I’m working with Java technology professionally, but I want to work exclusively with Games. Nowadays I’m trying to establish my own game development company, (CooperGames) in the market trying to create and publish some mobile and PC games.

    I’ve worked on five game projects and I’m still concluding two of these. My recent game screenshots can be viewed at http://www.coopergames.com.br/games.htm

    I read this forum at least once a week, thanks for all the relevant info here.

    If anybody wants more info or even to discuss ideas or experiences in game projects, feel free to contact me through the site below.

    Best Regards,

    Júlio Pescuite
    CooperGames – Cooperative Game Development

  4. Hi all :)

    My name is Ivane I’m from Georgia. I’m second cource student at Tbilisi State Univecity on informatics faculty.

    Time by time in my free time I translate development projects’ documentation and maintain Goergian CG & GD community site.

    Now I’m planning to open a little gamedev firm and wana thank you for this great site which gave me very very usefull information. Good job really good job!!!

  5. My name is Robert Muresan. I am from Romania (European Union). I run exosyphen studios. the author of Hacker Evolution.

    Nice blog! Keep up the good work.

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