Carnival of Game Production Headquarters

GameProducer.net is proud to announce the launch of the Carnival of Game Production. This gives you readers submit articles and also a possibility to host Carnival editions.

Submit Articles to Carnival

If you have a new article (preferably not older than 1 month, and maximum of 2 months old), roughly 400-500 words (or more) long, deals with game production or game development (and is not filled with links and ads) then you might have what we would like to see.

If you know what Carnivals are, feel free to proceed to Blogcarnival.com and submit your entries. In case you want more information… read on.

Ongoing Carnival Edition and Deadlines for Submiting Articles

Proceed to Blogcarnival.com to get information about the current edition. You can see the deadlines for article submission. If no deadlines are given, please send your articles couple of days before the date of the edition.

Carnival of Game Production FAQ

What are Carnivals?
Briefly put: Collection of stories about some topic – in our case it’s about game production.

How can I benefit from Carnivals?
Basically, it’s a win-win-win situation for everybody:

  • Carnival host gets traffic (for exchange on him putting effort on checking the entries)
  • Writers get traffic (as they get listed at the host’s site and linked)
  • Readers get plenty of quality stuff to process (as it’s recommended to make sure that all entries are quality articles)

Why should I be interested?
First of all, if you host a Carnival, then you’ll get plenty of traffic. If you write to carnivals, you also get nice amount of traffic. For detailed information: see this post.

What is this Carnival of Game Production?
Simply put: a monthly gathering of game developers and producers at a central location. The idea is similar to those other “Blog Carnivals” – but here we present quality articles dedicated to game production. Anyone wishing to participate in the Carnival is welcome. The Carnival is hosted by a different blog each time.

Who can participate?
Anyone with a blog and an opinion about video game production or development can participate.

Where do I submit my entry to the Carnival?
You can submit your entries here. Use the link ‘submit an article’ in the left menu to send

The article I submitted was not accepted, now what?
If you didn’t meet the conditions (game production related article, 400-500 or more words long, not too many ads) then it might happen that your article won’t be accepted. Focus on writing an article that provides as much as value to readers (and for example don’t concentrate on advertising your products) and try submiting again.

What if I want to host an edition of the Carnival?
Glad you asked. If you want to host a carnival, then contact me and put “I’d like to host Game Producer Carnival” or something similar in the subject line. If you get accepted, you’ll receive a reply from me.

Anything else?
If you get accepted to the Carnival, it is not necessary to link back, but it would be a nice gesture if you would mention the website that hosted the Carnival where your article got featured.

Juuso Hietalahti


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  2. Thanks for starting this, Juuso! When I started my site several months ago, I submitted an article through the Carnival of Gamers, and I think that participating in that carnival really helped my site grow. Now, with a carnival dedicated to making games, I’m looking forward to a good number of quality game making articles, and hopefully I can participate as well :) Thanks!

  3. Good point Joshua. I edited the post to say “check carnival page for deadlines”. For the current issue it’s “couple of days before 15th” :)

  4. Just a quick question is there a submit by date? I’ve got a couple of ideas for articles, but I’d need to write them first and I’d like to know how much time I have?

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