Set Example

Yesterday I got a reminder about what it means to set an example. I’ve previously told our team members to “check forums & post & comment other posts”. When I’ve been working on some piece of code and needed testing, I’ve hurried up other team members to comment and do work. Yesterday I checked some concept art and agreed them via Messenger. I didn’t put a single comment in the forum (where the artist had put the concept art).

Thankfully he gently reminded me to “post some comments to forums”, and so I did – after he had said this. Funny how easy it is to require others do something, and then “forget” to do the same for your part.

After this small incident I started thinking how easy it is to lose focus when setting an example. It’s easy to ask others to work hard when you can have 100% focus on the main task. When you are getting really busy (or chose to be busy to be exact) – like I was yesterday – it’s easy to forget the small things you require from others.

If you require something from others, be darn sure to set an example on how things should be done. If you aren’t willing to do what you require from others, how you can expect others to do what you require from them?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. What forums do you refer to?
    Are there forums for edoiki?

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