Assassin Concept Art

After planning the first game mode for Edoiki we started planning the first character model. Since the game mode requires an assassin, it was an easy choice to start working on it. The first game mode’s gameplay is progressing nicely, and we’ll let you see some playable demo when we get there.

Be patient.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yes, If I have had the foresight to see that it ends up in here outright (without letting me know) it would be crispy and dandy… ignorant heads has been separated from their foolish shoulders, so don’t expect any comment from Juuso soon. Grrr!!! Raaarggh!!! :D

  2. As an artist myself I must admit I like this artwork a lot. Since it’s concept you can get away with it being scribbly, but I’m drooling at the thought of a cleaned-up, crisp Assasin design. That would look oh so great!

    Since I’m new here (relatively) I don’t know much about this Edoiki project, but it certainly looks interesting. Oriental influences always fare well with me!

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