Triptych Sales Stats From Chronic Logic

Josiah Pisciotta was kind enough to provide us the sales stats of their game Triptych. Compared to how much effort these guys put into the game, I think the results are great.

Title: Triptych
Developer: Chronic Logic
Released: June 2002
Development time: Two full time developers 3 weeks (plus one artists for a week or so for interface improvements which were added in patches)
Platforms:Windows (OSX and Linux added later)
Expenses: Less than $200 for art and sound

2002: 462 copies
2003: 147 copies
2004: 159 copies
2005: 143 copies
2006: 60 copies
Total Sales: 972 copies

Price: $14.95 USD

Total sales from chroniclogic.com after fees: $13000 USD
Other sales total: $12000 USD
Approximate total income: $25000 USD

Marketing and Promotion
As told by Josiah Pisciotta:

For promotion and marketing I did press releases on our web site and tried to get them to as many news sites as we could. I did a PAD file and submitted to as many shareware sites as we could find although I don’t know if that really helped very much. Keeping other products and news coming out helped keep people coming to the web site and finding Triptych as well. Triptych placed 4th in Game Tunnels Puzzle Game of the year award in 2003 and 4th in Game Tunnels most original Concept of the year in 2003. I also sent out review copies to game web pages whenever they were interested in doing a review.

Triptych scored well in almost all reviews:

Game Tunnel GOTY awards 2003: [link] [link]
Game Tunnel (4 out of 5)
Game Faqs (9 out of 10)
Games for PC (5 out of 5)
Home of the Underdogs Top Dog

A couple of magazine CD cover deals overseas made up a majority of the non Chronic Logic sales income. I think releasing the OSX and Linux versions and doing patches to improve the look and feel of the game helped extend the product life.

GameProducer.net comments:
Thanks for sharing these numbers Josiah, wish you and Chronic Logic success in the future as well!

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Thanks for sharing this numbers Josiah! There very good!

    PS: I hope to have some good news for you soon ;o)

  2. Thanks for the info, nice to see it selling each year for 5 years. I guess this year there has been a lot of top notch competition (more than ever before)

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