Carnival of Game Production – First Edition

Welcome to the first edition of carnival of game production. The carnival theme is about game production and there were several different kinds of articles in the submissions: interviews, technical, programming, design, motivational and general game production. Thanks to everybody for submitting your articles. If your article missed this Carnival, you can still submit another article to upcoming Carnivals. The next Carnival will be hosted again here at in the coming weeks. You may use the submission page to send your articles.

Hanford Lemoore breaks some myths: How one man made an MMO: an interview with Gene Endrody. The title says it all.

Jay Barnson presents Interview with Georgina Bensley, Creator of Cute Knight. Lengthy interview with Georgina Bensley. Developer describes the game mechanism, tells about game design and tools that were used to create the best-selling “casual” indie RPG, “Cute Knight”.

Gianfranco Berardi submitted a short but practical article: Automating Build and Test Systems. The tip: “Any time you can use a computer to automate a repetitive task, you’ll find consistency in quality and speed as well as fewer headaches related to the meta-work of making a game” is worth remembering.

Rick Stirling gives the right answer to question: How many polygons in a piece of string?. Very practical and informative article.

Harry Kalogirou presents a length article Multithreaded Game Scripting with Stackless Python which goes deeper into tech side, but is worth checking for any programmer.

TonyC presents Learn to love your level designers!. It’s a short post but reminds us that level designers are important.

Corvus Elrod ponders Wii design elements: Wii’ve Been Played!. It’s so true that the Wiimote adds additional element in designing games for Wii. A challenging design element I must say.

Philip Ludington describes The 10 reasons you will never finish your game. I believe I have experienced every one of these points… What about you?

It’s nice to conclude this Carnival edition in a positive way and Raoul’s fine post gives us hope and motivation: A Great Time to Be an Independent Developer.

Enjoy the articles.

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  6. Patrick

    Damn, I misinterpreted the submission process. Oh well, the fewer people trying to attack underserved markets, the better for those few who are. :P

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