Don’t Let Others Puke On Your Business

Those who enjoyed the pizza story might like this story as well. This is a shorty story about how bad customers can ruin business with other potential customers.

Couple of summers ago I saw a nice looking ice cream place near a lake. It was nice weather and the place looked clean. A perfect time and place to eat some ice cream. I was just about to enter to this place when some guy puked on the outdoor terrace floor. The smelly and gross looking vomit changed everything – and I didn’t get ice cream that day.

And I never ever will – from that place.

Whenever I walk past that place, it activates this bad memory in me and I simply cannot go to that place anymore. Even if I wanted I would still remember the vomit. Believe me, eating ice cream and thinking vomit same time is not exactly what I call a delicious treat. There are plenty of other places to go for some ice cream, so I have no plans to force myself to go that place.

Same can happen in your business – or even in your team. Some of your customers – or team members – might “puke” on your business. Some team member might be really negative oriented and kill the motivation or fun from other team members. Or maybe some customer is giving a really bad image (like what happened in my case) that stops you getting more customers.

Your job is to make sure this won’t happen.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I prefer to pretend to the puke is a feature until people get so comfortable with it they forget it’s there.

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