The Most Efficient Way to Get What You Want

Give, give, give

I cannot stress this enough, but there’s a simple fundamental rule in life: the more you give, the more you get. As I look years back now I realize how beneficial to me many things in the past have been – without me even knowing that. 5 years ago I didn’t have a clue that I would be writing this blog – or this post – but as I look back I notice how much helping others have helped me today.

The more I try to help others, the more benefits seem to come to me. The more I’ve helped people in the past, the more help I seem to get in the future.

I don’t believe in “tactical helping”: like helping some people, but not helping some other people in order to find the “best way to get” something for you. I think that kind of thinking is very time consuming as you try to figure out what is the best ‘return on investment’. In fact, it’s impossible to know how others will react. I prefer a simpler strategy: whenever I have the resources and knowledge to help somebody, I try to do that.

Marketing and sales follow the rule of giving

If you browse some marketing and sales forums, you often here people asking questions like “how to get more traffic?”, “how to get more sales?”, “how to get a better salary?” or “how to get a promotion?” These are good questions to ask, no problem with that, but I think a better approach would be concentrating on giving.

Instead of asking “how to get more traffic or sales” you could ask questions such as “How to give more value to people? How to improve my product better according to customer suggestions?” Instead of asking “How to get a better salary or promotion?” you could ask: “How can I make myself ten times or hundred times more valuable to the company? How can I improve my work and be hundred times more beneficial to the company?”.

When you find answers to these questions about “giving” the “get” part will naturally follow.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Give, Give, Give is not the most efficient way. If you’re in IT, and I have been for 30 years now, you give and give and all anyone does is take. When was the last time someone in another profession was asked to “fix my plumbing” or “can you put on a new roof”? I know that it’s supposed to “Be Better to Give than to Receive. When does this end. I’ve got a friend that I’ve known since were were in high school. As a Jew, Christians take advantage simply because my parents could afford a series of degrees for my betterment. Please expound on this entitled group of people that didn’t have the inclination to actually go to school and graduate. I’d be pleased to hear anything but some whining drivel.

  2. As a Tokyo-based recruiter and success coach I wish all my candidates would think first how they can add lots of value and THEN worry about how much they’re going to get paid. I understand that the “show me the money” part is important, but most employers aren’t going to do that until you’ve shown them the value.

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  4. Yeah, it’s good to help people when it’s possible and you have time ;) It’s the head “Care Bears” rule and karma rule too :) The same rule applies to bad things also: if you do bad things to others, they’ll return to you in a doubled power :P
    But it’s not so obvious that people will help you in a future. There are some people who only wants others to help them, but they don’t help others by themselves. They’re like parasites and are still sniffing for an opportunity to use some other people’s good will. What do you advice to do with that kind of people?

  5. Unfortunately when I asked myself just now “How can I make myself more valuable to the company?” the answer was, stop reading your blogs…. :)

  6. Yeah, i also believe that giving, you receive help on the future and it also happens with me. Good post ^^

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