WordPress Upgrade Finished – Lesson Learned

Backup and make sure you read instructions carefully before making bigger upgrades

Alright, I’ve finished the WordPress upgrade and there’s one lesson I’d like to share: Make sure you always make backups and read instructions carefully – before starting the installation. Everything went smoothly for this upgrade, but I noticed that I might have had small problems if I hadn’t read the full instructions before making the upgrade. There was a small notification about permalinks, and if I hadn’t read that part I might have messed up my custom archives page.

Please let me know if you see some strange things happening because of the upgrade.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Diego: I have a dedicated server from them, and have got no problems (although this blog does not use wp-cache plugin). Perhaps there’s simply a problem with file/folder rights? I believe you need to CHMOD those folders or something?

  2. Hi,

    I was looking for Liquid Web clients who had upgraded to Worpress 2.1. I am running server maintenance service for a design site (inhabitat.com) that we recently migrated to LIquid Web servers and we have found out we are having problems uploading images and working with the Wp-cache plugin.

    I was just wondering what account type where you on, and if you had experienced any of the problems I am describing above.



  3. I have an extremely bad habit of jumping in and upgrading without making backups or following the instructions, and I nearly paid for it dearly with 2.1. Even though it’s “only” an extra .1, a lot of my plugins broke and nothing worked. Thankfully it was only a local copy, so my main site was fine, but I think I’ll leave it until 2.1.1 for some of the kinks to get ironed out.

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