If You Like Coffee Then Also Others Must Like Coffee, Right?

People might have tendency to believe that whatever they generally think is true, is true also for other people. Some people for example like drinking coffee and might think that preparing coffee for meetings is important as “most people will drink coffee”. It just might happen that they are faced with Chinese people who might prefer tea over coffee, but that didn’t occur to them.

If you drink coffee, that doesn’t mean everybody else likes to drink coffee too.

Some days ago I wrote an usability tip and received feedback telling me “best post in weeks”. I was quite surprised. While I think that tip was good I personally liked more posts “what’s good in this situation” and 3rd Party Tools Always Cause Minor Problems. These posts received only one comment in total. This shows how people are different: different people like different things.

It’s same in games (and many other issues as well): whatever you think to be “typical” might not be for everybody or even for “most of the people” as you think. I like playing – and making – online multiplayer games but I must accept the fact that most people on Earth won’t be playing those games. Majority of people like to play single player games. I also generally like working via the Internet and not face-to-face or phone (well, most of the time as I find it more convenient) but that doesn’t mean everybody would be like that. Some people will definitely want to have face-to-face meetings when deciding about some important things.

If you like the art to be drawn in certain way or that your website graphics are done in certain style that means you are preparing the art for you – and cannot really know if others will like that too. If you are making “a game that you like” it doesn’t guarantee that others will like it too. Not before you get people do some marketing research and test your game prototype with other gamers. If you focus on making a game that you think is best it’s like offering only certain type of coffee, with a certain amount of sugar or milk, drinking it from a certain type of cup and believing that everybody else wants their coffee that way. That simple won’t work.

Whether you drink coffee or not doesn’t mean that others would follow your habit. Whatever you think is best for games might not be best for everybody – or even for most people.

Who Are All You People? Please, Introduce Yourself

I have published over 400 articles since the launch of this blog and even though some entries have received quite many comments, most of the tens of thousands of readers haven’t ever said a word. I stumbled upon a nice idea at stuntdubl.com and thought to ask you readers to introduce yourself. I will place this blog entry in a prominent place within the coming weeks so people won’t miss it.

I give the ball to you now. Who are you and where do you live? How often you read GameProducer.net and how did you find this site? Leave a comment to this entry and let’s hear your story. It’s really great to hear about you people.