3 Tips Against Malicious Attacks

We detected an attempted malicious attack on the site and have decided to take the site offline to assess any impact. GameDev.net will be back online as soon as possible.

If you’ve visited Gamedev.net, you’ve probably noticed the above picture on their site. Every now and then you can see similar attacks in the net. I’m far from being a security expert, but here’s three practical tips I can give.

Make sure you have backups

If you haven’t done backups, or never heard about them, start using them. I wrote in the past a post with 7 rules of backups which gives some practical info about making them. Be sure to check out the post comments as well, there’s good (even better) tips in them. It’s a shame to hear stories “I completely lost weeks work” or “the darn auto save didn’t work, now I have to type everything again!”. Make a habit of having backups.

Change your password

When was the last time you changed the administration password for your most important site? Is the password for your biggest site easy one? The folks that keep telling us that we need to change passwords and keep them safe aren’t doing that just for fun. Make sure you have a proper password, just in case.

Upgrade your software

Software updates are not done just for fun. Make sure you have the latest security patches for the products you use. Read the release notes, and upgrade your software. News about security holes will be exploited faster than speed of light, so make sure your software won’t be the problem.

Bonus tip: reading about tips is useless. They will only help you if you take action. If you’ve read this far, I recommend thinking about if you can do at least one of the security measures right away.

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. Omfg I’m having withdrawls, they’ve been down for about a week now, hope they’re back online soon, also hope no data was compromised.

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